Trying to identify this Nabatean coin

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by LarzMN, Mar 4, 2024.

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    I'm trying to learn more about a coin supposedly sourced from around the Petra area in Jordan.

    Looking at pictures from around the Internet, I find the most similarity to specimens I found of "Rabel II with Queen Gamilat", but of the three lines of text on the cornicopea side, I can only read parts of line #2 and it appears as very different text from every other online exemplar I have seen.

    I haven't ruled out that this could be counterfeit as its true origin is unknown.


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  3. mcwyler

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    I have only one such coin and the inscription is somewhat different. But there seem to be a few. The following paper may be useful
  4. GinoLR

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    Four letters, from t. to l. : G, M, L, T. That's Gamilat, Rabbel II's queen. It cannot be anything else. The chiseled flan and the general style is typical of Rabbel II. It's surely authentic, I see nothing suspect in this coin.

    These AE coins were worth 1 Roman quadrans.

    My own 4 Rabbel II coins :


  5. philologus_1

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    I have just one Rabbel II with Gamilat example:


    This ruler issued very similar types with 3 different women. First, his mother Shuqailat, then his sister Gamilat, and then his wife Hagru. (Alternate English spellings of the names of these 3 queens exist.) Basically, coins with Gamilat are common, with Shuqailat are scarce, and with Hagru are rare.

    Here's a link to a CoinTalk thread on which John Anthony shared his examples in a composite photograph chart that can be used to distinguish the types:
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