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    At a recently held Coin and Stamp Show [quarterly], a number of us were gathered around a table in the snack-bar area discussing small change coins. A dealer, having left his wife in charge, joined us for a cup and took part in our discussion

    In keeping with the theme of small numbers, he asked each of us to pick a number between 1 and 10. It didn't matter which number, as long it was between 1 and 10. We were then to double our number and add 8 to the doubling. We were then to divide the resultant in half and subtract our originally chosen number from the divided number. Taking our new number, we were to select the corresponding letter from the alphabet [A=1, B=2]. Using this letter we were to select the name of a country in Europe that began with this letter. Then, using the last letter from the named country, we were to select an animal whose name began with this last letter. Finally, using the last letter from the animal name, we were to select a fruit name that began with that letter. After a moment of pause, the dealer looked each of us in the eye and declared that most of us, if not all, had "picked" an orange. All agreed but me. Dummy [pointing at myself] had picked a kiwi and couldn't "pick" a fruit that began with the letter I.

    Mathematically, regardless of he number picked, and as long as it is between 1 through 10 and you follow the sequence described, the resultant will be a constant 4. The 4th letter must naturally be a D. Denmark is the only country in Europe that begins with the letter D. Most people will pick the kangaroo over the less popular kiwi or koala. And an orange [letter-name recognition from childhood] normally comes to mind first.

    Let us know the reaction you get when pulling this stunt on family and/or friends. If you can arrange one, small groups are more favorable to this type of challenge. It's a social-survival mentality kind of thing that rallies individual effort. 'Nuff said 'bout dat uppidy kine stuff.

    Have fun!!!
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