Tri-State .999% Silver 1 toz - "Round"

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by kc_hhsl, Aug 16, 2011.

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    I work with this lady who asked about some silver coins she had. Based on her description I could not tell what it was. She brought one of her coins in and the link below is what she has.

    She wanted to know the value - so I looked on ebay to get a ball park estimate.

    I don't see many of these coins out there for sale - is there any value with respect to this being a coin or is the value pretty much based in the silver content? Looks like this guy is getting a premium - trying to anyhow - on the coin.

    I think she is pondering the idea of selling them and has asked what should she ask for them given the price of silver and where she could sell them. She is probably 60ish - single lady.

    Any suggestions on what to tell her? I would like to direct her to the best place to sell them or the best method. Would suggest ebay but I'm not sure her technical skills are good enough to get an ebay account and sell them.

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    It is not a coin. It is a silver round. (A coin has a denomination. The US Mint is the only mint authorized to strike coins in the US.)

    I seriously doubt there is any premium for your friend's silver round. Current spot for silver is $39.84. Expect a dealer to discount that price - maybe 10% to 20%.

    Hope that helps.
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