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    Trajan served in Syria as a military tribune during the governorship of his father. He enjoyed a thriving career, gaining the office of praetorship in AD 85. Soon after he won command of the Seventh Legion ‘Gemina’ based at Legio (Leon) in northern Spain.

    It was in AD 88/89 that he marched this legion into Upper Germany help in suppressing the rebellion of Saturninus against Domitian. Trajan’s army arrived too late to play any part in crushing the revolt. Though Trajan’s swift actions on the emperor’s behalf won him the goodwill of Domitian and so he was elected as consul in AD 91. Such close ties to Domitian naturally became a source of some embarassment after the loathed Domitian’s murder.


    Rome, for circulation in Syria, A.D. 116. IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GER DAC, radiate bust of Trajan right, wearing aegis / DAC PARTHICO P M TR POT XX COS VI P P, wreath containing large S C. Cf. RIC 659; Woytek 933t; McAlee 512. Brown patina
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    SYRIA, Cyrrhestica. Beroea. Trajan. AD 98-117. Æ 25mm, 11.16g
    R: BЄPOI/AIωN in two lines; B below; all within wreath.
    RPC III 3427
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  4. Justin Lee

    Justin Lee I learn by doing

    Here are my couple...
    collagemaker_20190123_172309949.jpg collagemaker_20190123_172432099.jpg

    I know @Roman Collector has a fun one with an ox head.
  5. Al Kowsky

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    Despite the ambiguity on this NGC label, this coin was minted in Tyre, Phoenicia not Antioch, Syria. NGC also had the wrong date on the coin :oops:.

    4629440-004, AK Collection.jpg
  6. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter 3rd Century Usurper

    Cool coins. I don't have this type yet.
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  7. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE

    That is a bizarre label. I wonder why was the prior date X’d out, rather than reprinted?
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    ..hey @ro1974 ..good to C ya again ole buddy! ..and nice coin too! :)
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  9. dougsmit

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    That would seem a question worthy of an answer.
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  10. Al Kowsky

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    Alegandron, What you see is a photo of the insert, not the actual insert in the slab. I photograph all my slabs & add info on the insert with my computer that NGC doesn't put on the slab :p. In a future submission to NGC I'll include this coin so they can correct the info on the slab ;). The coin pictured below I added the info on lines 5 & 6. I do this for my own records so I don't have to research the coin every time I look at it :D.
    4278563-002, AK Collection.jpg
  11. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE

    AH! That makes perfect sense! Nice idea to keep your records up.

    LOL, as a manufacturer, we would never had let a label out like the original one you posted. That is why it was odd. However, you have a great idea for record keeping. :)
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  12. Curtisimo

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    @ro1974 , it’s good to see you around again! It’s been a while. Nice coin.
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    Thank you i am back! nice to see you all, and is it with you good to. Thanks for posting nice coin all
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  14. ro1974

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    Hell coin friend, good to see you to, i am back thanks
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  15. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE

    I don't have a Trajan Sestertius, but I have an As

    AE As
    Trajan CE 98-117
    26mm 11.0g
    Laureate Draped -
    SENATVS POPVLVSQVE ROMANVS Victory R wreath palm S-C
    RIC 675
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    Great portrait and patina on that coin, Ro.

    Nice write-up.

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  17. PeteB

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    Trajan. 98-117 AD. Æ Semis (19mm; 4.9 gm; 6h). Rome mint, for circulation in Syria. Struck 116 AD. Obv: Radiate and draped bust right. Rev: Large S•C within oak wreath, legend around. RIC II 645; BMCRE 1103; Sear Millennium Ed. 3244.
  18. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

    Nice one, @ro1974! Informative write-up, too!

    This "brass as" of Trajan has a countermark:

    Trajan. A.D. 98-117.
    Roman orichalcum as, 8.49 g, 23.5 mm, 6 h.
    Struck in Rome for circulation in Syria (?); Struck in Antioch (?), AD 115/16.
    Obv: IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GERM, radiate and draped bust right; c/m: bucranium within incuse punch.
    Rev: DAC PARTHICO P M TR POT XX COS VI P P around laurel wreath enclosing large SC.
    Refs: RIC 647; BMCRE 1094; Cohen 123; RCV 3243; Woytek 937v; McAlee 509; Strack 479; BN 953-5. For c/m: Pangerl 63; Howgego 294.
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