Train Vignettes from Obsoletes

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by jhinton, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. jhinton

    jhinton Active Member

    Avatar.jpg Avatar (Engine 13).jpg Macon & Bruswick RR Co. Front.jpg Office of the South Carolina RR $2 Remainder Front.jpg Avatar2.jpg
    These are some of my Obsolete note vignettes of trains. I thought they were great and wanted to share.
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  3. Hobo

    Hobo Squirrel Hater

    Those are great! Thanks for sharing.
  4. proofartoncircs

    proofartoncircs Junior Member

    Nice accurate vignettes. I have seen some later ones that were technically wrong.
  5. mmarotta

    mmarotta Perpetual Newbie

    Thanks for that! Back when he was the president of Krause, ANA president Clifford Mishler had a talk he gave on the growth and development of the hobby from his experience. He said that specialization continues. I do not see a STOC (Society of Trains on Obsoletes Collectors), but it is an interesting theme. There was a just a topic here or elsewhere "Transportation" on banknotes: huge... like "Coins with Eagles." But this is more focused, a doable collection, and narrow enough to engage the actual engines and lines. (Especially if later ones are technically incorrect, as noted by ProofArtOnCircs above.)
  6. gsalexan

    gsalexan Intaglio aficionado

    I found a couple on my notes that I thought I'd share. These are both small vignettes engraved in the 1830s, hence the very early locomotives. Look how closely the passenger cars resemble stagecoaches. That's effectively what they were, simply attached to railroad wheels.

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  7. connor1

    connor1 Collector

    South Carolina RailRoad Company

    I have a Train Note from the ABNCo from the South Carolina Railroad Company good for the fare orone passenger twenty five miles Charlston July 1 ,1873 I'll try to post it. Image041.jpg
  8. Laxmaster92

    Laxmaster92 Senior Member

    Sweet, I love old vignettes
  9. connor1

    connor1 Collector

    Train Vignettes

    PDRM0183.JPG PDRM0184.JPG PDRM0131.jpg PDRM0096.jpg 520179952_5598957b4d_o.jpg
  10. Dave L

    Dave L Junior Member

    Great Vignettes everyone! Great idea for a thread.
    Gsalexan - I really like the old coaches represented in yours. I had to buy one that had a similar vignette, but not quite as nice, of course. I can't find the single picture now, as I'm at work, but I'll link to an article I wrote about it here:
  11. gsalexan

    gsalexan Intaglio aficionado

    Nice link -- I like the photo of the actual B&O coaches. Would love to ride in one, but I'm not sure they'd make a very comfortable journey.
  12. jhinton

    jhinton Active Member

    New Train Vignettes

    I have added a few new train vignettes to my collection.

    This is not a rare note, though it has been tough for me to find one in a grade that I could actually see the train.
    Columbia, SC- Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Rail Road Company $5 Oct 1, 1873 Fine Front.jpg Columbia, SC- Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Rail Road Company $5 Oct 1, 1873 Fine Back.jpg

    This note is very common but usually in poorer condition than this one. I have not seen one with out the cancellation and if anyone has a lead on one.... send me a PM :) This note also has a lot of history as the engine pictured is the "General". It was commissioned specifically for the Western & Atlantic rail road and was involved in the "Great Locomotive Chase" during the civil war. I have written an essay about it and will post it at a later date once I have all of my pictures on one computer.
    The Western & Atlantic R.R. 50Cents Front.JPG
  13. clayirving

    clayirving Supporter**

    Not an obsolete, but the train theme instantly made me think of this note (check out the awesome watermark):

  14. Dave M

    Dave M Francophiliac

    What is that watermark, Clay? It looks like Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein!

  15. clayirving

    clayirving Supporter**

    It's a very unique watermark of a woman.
  16. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Innocent bystander

    From the American Bank Note Company...

  17. fretboard

    fretboard Defender of Old Coinage

    Love those train vignettes up there!! One of these days I too will pick up an obsolete!! I love them trains!! :yes:
  18. gsalexan

    gsalexan Intaglio aficionado

    Thanks for reviving this thread, jhinton! I'm a huge fan of locomotive engravings, but most of mine are on stocks and bonds. Here are a couple American Bank Note proofs I think you'll like, and a panel from the ABN Archives series.

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  19. DM1

    DM1 who**

    Trains are always a great subject :smile
  20. scottishmoney

    scottishmoney Bammed

    From Russia, with love:


  21. gsalexan

    gsalexan Intaglio aficionado

    This one's from a stock certificate, but I'm going to post it anyway just because it's so eye-catching.

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