(Trade/Sell) 1909 Matte PF-64 RB Lincoln Cent Old NGC CAC

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    Hello all!

    My collection is taking a slight change of direction and the time has come to trade or sell this absolutely stunning and very rare 1909 Matte Proof Lincoln Cent which is graded PF-64 RB & CAC approved! The coin has very light hints of toning, a very choice PQ example and resides in an early NGC no-line holder with starting cert #1909.....which is pretty unique.

    I had it listed on eBay for $1,395, which you can see here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/CAC-1909-Ma...-Coin-Old-Holder-PR-/391672158032?&rmvSB=true

    As far as trades go, I'm willing to throw some cash in if required.
    The main goal is a graded MS $20 gold piece, either Saint or Liberty Head. But would also enjoy other pre-1933 gold!
    #2 on the want list is Seated coinage in high grade and especially proofs!
    #3 graded MS-65 and better Morgans

    Those are my top 3, but other offers are considered......just no junk silver, other Lincoln cents or post 1933-coins. But try me, I'm open to anything nice.

    As far as reputation.....I'm an on-again off-again ANA member since age 10, past PCGS, current NGC & CAC member. Long time poster here....some of which were even considered useful :)
    Am an eBay Top-Rated seller with 3,000+ transactions, random acquaintance of some big names in this hobby and constant attendee of the Long Beach coin expo....in case anyone wants to meet in person in February.

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