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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by 7Calbrey, Nov 24, 2021.

  1. 7Calbrey

    7Calbrey Well-Known Member

    Merry Greetings to all of you. I shall post the first 5 items at present, whereas the next 5 will be posted very soon today in a separate thread (continued).
    All of the first 5 were struck or designed in Tyre.
    I- Obverse shows Volusian head right. Reverse reveals the ancient Egyptian god of Writing "Thoth" holding a scroll of papyrus (Hieroglyphs) with his right hand. There's also the legendary Bird "Ibis" in left field, as well as a Murex shell over a palm tree in right field.
    II- Tyche on obverse and an attractive Phoenician ship on reverse.
    III -Diaduminian is on obverse, while a 3D temple stands on reverse. Rouvier 2343.
    IV- Caracalla head right on obverse. The reverse shows a Phoenician temple with stairs. Muresx shell in exergue.
    V- Ancient Amethyst weighing 37.5 g.
    Please tell me which one would you rather acquire ? Thank you.

    Volusian O     IbisPhoen.JPG VolusTyr R      ThothMurex.jpg ShipTyr O.JPG ShipTych.JPG Diadumenian  Rouvier2343.JPG DiadTempleR  Tyre.JPG BuildTyre O.JPG Buildocsl R.JPG Ancthyst.JPG
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  3. ominus1

    ominus1 Supporter! Supporter

    very nice coins Charles and a very purdy stone! :)
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  4. sand

    sand Well-Known Member

    Hello @7Calbrey
    Are these coins, that you purchased in 2021?
    Or, are these coins, that you are thinking about buying?
    I like the amethyst.
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  5. 7Calbrey

    7Calbrey Well-Known Member

    @sand . Actually I bought them.
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  6. TIF

    TIF Always learning. Supporter

    I like all of your architectural provincials best. Good year, Charles! :)
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  7. Al Kowsky

    Al Kowsky Well-Known Member

    7Calbrey, Your Volusian bronze is my favorite :happy:. Your chunk of Amethyst brought back memories of my late father cutting gemstones as a hobby :D. He sawed in half a number of geodes to find beautiful amethyst crystals inside :cool:.
  8. 7Calbrey

    7Calbrey Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your interests and gentle replies, as well as your dear unforgettable souvenirs or your appreciation of architectural and artistic designs. Happy and safe year to all of you.
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  9. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member

    I like the Caracalla.
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  10. happy_collector

    happy_collector Well-Known Member

    #3 and #4 are my favorites. I like their reverse 3-D temple designs. :)
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  11. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

    I like the Volusian and the two temple in perspective coins.
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  12. gogili1977

    gogili1977 Well-Known Member

    I like Diadumenian.
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  13. thejewk

    thejewk Well-Known Member

    Interesting selection. I think the Caracalla is my favourite for the style of the reverse. Good job.
  14. Factor

    Factor Well-Known Member

    Definitely number one, very unusual deyty scene, and amazing condition particularly for Tyre. Other coins are also great but different league I think.
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