AD: Toned (graded) Morgan Dollars for Sale!!

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    Hey Folks,

    I’m selling some beautifully toned Morgan Dollars that I purchased a few years ago from a large collection. I purchased them raw (they’d been sitting in a Whitman album) and submitted these to ANACS for verification.


    Here are links for each coin, please look at them and bid!

    The first listed here is the best one of the group. In my opinion, this coin is PL, and you can judge for yourself looking at the video provided in the link. What’s great is each listing has own video showing you the coin moving in the light so you can really get a view of the coin.






    Here’s a cleaned 1921 Peace Dollar, VF30 Details (I submitted for authentication purposes


    Here's a photo of four of the coins in the whitman album they came from (note the four toned in the top left corner).


    Here's the coins right before sending them off to ANACS:

    The auction ends December 15th and the coins will arrive to you by Christmas, if you want to make them a nice gift for a friend (or yourself!).
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