Toned British Six/Threepence New Acquisitions

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Mark Metzger, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Mark Metzger

    Mark Metzger Well-Known Member

    Here are some particularly attractive toners that were part of a larger lot I acquired today. They were in a dansko binder but I think the toning came from another source as not all pieces were toned this way. Lemme know what you think!
    IMG_20181206_193532.jpg IMG_20181206_193544.jpg IMG_20181206_193555.jpg IMG_20181206_193605.jpg IMG_20181206_193514.jpg IMG_20181206_193523.jpg IMG_20181206_193433.jpg IMG_20181206_193452.jpg IMG_20181206_193442.jpg IMG_20181206_193506.jpg
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  3. physics-fan3.14

    physics-fan3.14 You got any more of them.... prooflikes?

    Those are some really nice toners.

    These all have classic-old time toning, but definitely not Dansco. Older Danscos will tone coins, but not in that pattern. That is a type of toning we often call "envelope toning" - from the small 2x2 manila envelopes that many collectors stored coins in.

    The 3pences are Maundy, right? Do those usually come circulated? I thought those were special issues.
  4. V. Kurt Bellman

    V. Kurt Bellman Yes, I'm blunt! Get over your "feeeeelings".

    All 19th century and early 20th 3 pence silver had the same design as Maundy. Only the finish was different. All these shown seem circulation version.
  5. Mark Metzger

    Mark Metzger Well-Known Member

    I did a bit of reading on the issue and apparently it's quite tough to tell the difference. @V. Kurt Bellman is there a trick or a telltale sign?
  6. V. Kurt Bellman

    V. Kurt Bellman Yes, I'm blunt! Get over your "feeeeelings".

    It's almost like distinguishing Barber proofs from really nice BU's. There is a quasi-mirrored field on the Maundy version. The devices are ultra-sharp. SOMETIMES really thick toning can mask a Maundy. I would consider the 1897 a candidate, without the benefit of lighting swirl.

    Of course, hanging around with a 1, 2 and 4 is pretty convincing.
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  7. Mark Metzger

    Mark Metzger Well-Known Member

    Any thoughts on grade of the 1897 or 1912? Those are obviously the two nicest of the bunch.
  8. Bayern

    Bayern Active Member

    Lovely coins :happy:
  9. 7Jags

    7Jags Active Member

    I'd go EF on the two, they both have pleasant toning but a bit of wear. Love the small silvers.
  10. Maxfli

    Maxfli Well-Known Member

    I'd say XF on the 1897. The George V sixpence is a real beauty. It's a coin I'm pretty familiar with; I have several of this variety in my collection in VF and XF. Unless there's something the photos aren't showing, I think yours would grade UNC.
  11. H8_modern

    H8_modern Attracted to small round-ish art

    Reminds me of a couple I got from @mrbreeze


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