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  1. StilloesEmporium

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    I just received these tokens and I have no idea the value. I have had some help to identify them but I have no clue what they may be worth, any ideas?

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  3. Matthew Kruse

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    As with any collectable, worth is what someone is willing to pay. If you want to know the approximate value, say for insurance purposes, good luck.
    I don't collect "tokens" so couldn't begin to guess, but foreign coins, I use numista and eBay for approximate values.
    Welcome to CT BTW.
  5. StilloesEmporium

    StilloesEmporium Active Member

    I do use Numista and eBay a lot for some sort of idea! Thank you!!
  6. yakpoo

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    Welcome to CT! :woot:

    Your first token looks to be a counter-punched, "Administration of Mines" token from San Jose de Avino in Durango, Mexico. Yours is likely a larger denomination than this one.

    Interesting how all the "S"s on your token are backwards and the ones on this one appear repaired. You may want to find someone who knows Mexican tokens. Yours could be a rare variety.

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  7. yakpoo

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    If you can find this book, it may have all your answers...


    Btw, Mexican tokens seem to be referred to as "Municipal Tokens" or "Hacienda Tokens".
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  8. yakpoo

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  9. StilloesEmporium

    StilloesEmporium Active Member

    Thank you for all your help! You have given me a lot of good information!
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