Today's Supreme Court ruling on sales tax

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Hiddendragon, Jun 21, 2018.

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    Today the Supreme Court ruled that states can collect sales tax on all online sales even if the buyer and seller are not in the same state. I'm wondering how this might affect eBay sales. I know it's early, but here are a few things that came to mind.

    1. Will this affect private citizens selling on eBay or just businesses?
    2. If it does apply to eBay, will eBay be the one collecting sales tax or will the individual sellers be expected to do that?
    3. My state has no sales tax on coins, but I know some states do. What are the odds that eBay understands this and doesn't just apply the sales tax to everything for sale on the site?
    4. Sales tax would be based on the state the seller lives in, not the buyer, right?

    I'm interested in hearing any thoughts from anyone who might know about these things.
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  3. baseball21

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    1. Depends what laws the various states pass or if congress puts any limits on it

    2. eBay will have too come up with an automated platform for it if they don’t want to lose massive amounts of sellers

    3. Slim to non they wouldn’t have a bunch of issues with the countless different laws they’d have to program.

    4. Nope, it’s based on the buyer. Hence that’s why Amazon loves it, it puts an undue burden on the competition who can’t afford huge accounting fees. Essentially it has the potential to completely destroy all the small businesses and people making a little extra with online sales
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