Titus Honours the Divine Augustus

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    I was quite thrilled when this handsome restoration sestertius arrived in the mail this week. The piece is a bit worn, but it's honest with some mighty fine toning.

    Æ Sestertius, 24.96g
    Rome mint, 80-81 AD
    Obv: DIVVS AVGVSTVS PATER; Augustus, radiate, std. l. on curule chair, feet on stool, holding patera in r. hand and long vertical sceptre in l.
    Rev: IMP T CAES DIVI VESP F AVG P M TR P P P COS VIII; REST above S C in centre
    RIC 403 (R). BMC 263. BNC -.
    Acquired from Incitatus Coins, June 2021.

    Titus struck an extensive restoration series of bronze coins of Flavian approved past emperors and imperial family members which reproduced the original coins in their entirety. While this veneration of past coinages was not a new idea (Vespasian copied past types on many reverses for the precious metal issues) it was quite an innovation to copy both the obverse and reverse of these past coinages. To do so likely had a dual purpose - one, to recoin types that were being recalled or falling out of circulation and to keep their memory alive, and secondly to link the Flavian house with those past revered personages. The meaning is quite clear on the reverse with Titus declaring he has restored (REST) the coin.

    This sestertius struck for Divus Augustus copies a similar Tiberian proto-type. Titus produced the type in several various designs (throne with or without high-back, curule chair). Here we have the somewhat scarcer 'curule chair' variant. Interestingly, a similar version was also struck for Divus Vespasian.

    Please post your coins of Augustus, divine or otherwise.
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    RI Augustus 27BC-AD14 Æ20 5.5g 12h Apameia Phrygia Magistrate Attalos c 15BC Two corn-ears above maeander pattern RPC I, 3125 S

    DIVVS under Tiberius

    RI Augustus DIVUS under Tiberius 22-23 CE Radiate Alter Left
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    Cool coin! Here's some Augi bronzes: share237564393831303174.png share3840727504783886034.png share83915491600704803.png
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    A lovely piece David. Congrats
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