Titus /Caduceus

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by ro1974, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. ro1974

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    _DSC4111.JPG _DSC4112.JPG
    Rome Ae 69-79 AD
    Kwaliteit: VF
    Titus lefthead
    Ae-Dupondius for Antioch. Belorb. Bust n. L
    Caduceus between 2 filling horns. TRPOT COS III CENSOR
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  3. lordmarcovan

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    I like the contrasting colors in the patina. Handsome coin.
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  4. ro1974

    ro1974 Well-Known Member

  5. lordmarcovan

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    Titus always looks so stern, doesn't he?

    He and Galba were fierce looking.

    Oh, and Nerva, too. Nerva's always rather grumpy looking.

    Not to mention the older versions of Caracalla...
  6. ro1974

    ro1974 Well-Known Member

    _DSC4230.JPG _DSC4231.JPG
    much beter
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  7. randygeki

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