Thoughts on cabinet friction from a professional grader.

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by TypeCoin971793, Apr 26, 2019.

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    You are free to post anything I wrote to you in our PM's. I will not but I wish you would.

    As for proof? What makes you think anyone needs to prove anything to you. You're a 20+ year "advanced" numismatist. Nevertheless, your opinion about things you are not qualified to write about means "squat." Perhaps in another 20+ years you'll learn more on this subject.

    Other than this particular thread, I regard you :bookworm: as a very important asset to this forum and enjoy :happy: your educational posts. :kiss:

    Now chew on this. If grading standards have not changed, where have all the PCGS "Rattlers" gone? Furthermore, I cannot use ANY of the PCGS or NGC graded coins I bought in the 1980's in my Grading Seminars. Every slab is undergraded. The Proof Franklin's by as much as three grades!

    You see, the TPGS have not changed their grading standards - they have "evolved." This from SEVERAL folks way above our (you and I) pay grade. If you cannot agree to this...I'll suggest you go to summer school in CO. :yawn:
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    No, PMs are just that, private.

    The founders of the TPGs readily admit that they loosened their standards within the first few years of their inception. That isn't up for debate, but it also isn't proof of what I am talking about.

    The conspiracy theory is that the TPGs both loosen and tighten their grading standards cyclically in order to boost resubmissions/crossovers. There is no problem with the TPGs loosening their standards, whether purposefully, or through the natural process of gradeflation which occurs as a result of the combination of economic opportunity and the inherent subjectivity in grading. However, once they tighten their standards, they are in violation of the their own stated guarantee, and are committing fraud.

    The example of PCGS Rattler slabs is a good one. Where have they gone? They are victims of gradeflation. But that alone does not prove that the TPGs are purposefully loosening and tightening their standards.

    FWIW, I bought two Buffalo Nickels in PCGS Rattler slabs earlier this year. Not only were both not undergraded, I though both were subpar for the assigned grade.



    And while you point to coins that are undergraded that you can't use in your seminars, where are the examples of the overgraded coins? And by that, I don't mean comparing a graded coin to the standard used 30 years ago, I'm talking about the overgraded coins compared to the current standards.
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    While many have been regraded especially when the whole it's an old slab and is undergraded rumors started, there are a significant number of people that don't like those holders. Also not all the grades used today were used back then, a 65 becoming a 65+ isn't actually an upgrade when the + was never used then.

    Not everyone of them crack and resubmitted upgraded either and plenty of them even downgraded.
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    The box on the left is definitely PC-63 , bad toning , some split kernels, low relief. The one on the right is PC-67, natural 'blast' white, full kernels, High relief, clean high relief devices. However if the coming crop even gets out of the ground, we expect to lower the grading scale due to Global warming and possibly ( edited: Political)
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    Fake news butter!!!
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    Market Acceptable !
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