Theodosius II coin?

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by mikekershaw2006, May 12, 2022.

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    I found this coin in a bulk lot of uncleaned Romans from Serbia. It appears to be a Theodosius II coin with Honorius and Theodosius II on the reverse holding a globe. I can't seem to find any similar coins on the web to compare. It is 14mm and weighs 1.6g. I know it's not in great shape, but are there any guesses as to the value?

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  3. Brian Bucklan

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    It definitely is a Theodosius II Ae3 (15mm, 1.7gms) type ... here's mine for comparison:

    Obv: D N THEODOSIVS P F AVG; Diademed bust right with star behind
    Rev: GLORIA ROMANORVM; Two Emperors standing facing holding globe between them; CONSA in exergue
    Not an easy coin to find. As to value, it is a scarcer type but unfortunately not in great shape.
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