Theodosius I Solidus - ID question

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    Happy Sunday everybody,

    I had a question about the Solidus with Theodosius I auctioned today at Leu. Lot 3010 if the below link doesn’t work.

    Interesting note:
    • The reverse AVGGGA indicates two other emperors and allows for some dating assistance as does the votive inscription one the shield.
    • Final A indicates 1st Officiana.
    • Leu lists Rix IX 70b while there are many versions of 70b.
    • Depeyrot 45/1 also used as a reference.
    • The left foot of Constantinople rests on a prow, presumably this is the “bird” prow version.
    However the prow, right foot and right arm of the chair do not look right to me for the 1st Officiana. Could be the die, or perhaps an unlisted version.

    This one hammered for a bit less than I expected, but I did not win it.

    Curious if anyone had a view?

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