WTS: The rarest FEL TEMP REPARATIO (Roman)

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    Fourth century Roman coins with the legend FEL TEMP REPARATIO are among the most common ancient coins of all. Many of us collect the types, including "soldier spearing fallen horseman", "hut", "galley", "two captives", etc. Some collect them by mints. Failmezger devoted an entire chapter to them.

    One type stands out as the rarest. It is only from Rome and R2 (very rare).
    Constantius II, 22-20 mm.
    Horseman, with halo, spearing two kneeling foes
    RE below. RIC VIII Rome 153 "R2".
    Failmezger 412 "RR" (his highest degree of rarity).
    Excellent reverse, which is the very rare part. [$275 + $6 shipping in the US. $3 more abroad.]

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