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    ever thread.

    Sorry. Just not enough room for my entire thread title.
    Let’s get this straight. This IS gonna be a thread celebrating the myth of possibly one of, if not, the baddest dudes that ever picked up a club...


    but not for the reasons you’ve predisposed in your logarithm of, “What’s Ryro gonna say next?” catalogue.


    Alright, alright. It does have to do with a Macedonian shield. Don’t look so self satisfied.:kiss: My newest avatar to be exact:

    KINGS OF MACEDON. Philip III Arrhidaios (323-317 BC). Ae 1/2 Unit.
    Uncertain mint in western Asia Minor.
    Macedonian shield; on boss, head of Herakles facing slightly right.
    Helmet. Controls: kerykeion to right, monogram to left.
    Price 2803.
    3,85 gr. 15 mm

    I was thinking to mice elf, “This has gotta be one of the best looking 3/4 facing Herakles MSCs I’ve seen and am so pleased to have snagged it up... “
    Others O mine for comparison:

    A0427023-DF5A-4E80-81C4-C6D952DF3158.png 5AB706DD-37E8-4C97-9AC2-A80E01DDCCB8.jpeg

    Big Ol but, what else is out there? There are so many different images of Herakles (or Melkart for that matter) from so many distant societies and all their different celators. And each design of each die.
    I wanna see em all!
    Post all of those coins of that snake strangling, son of Zeus, family slaying, 12 labors smashing and all around Chuck Norriseque,


    I’ll get the party going with:

    F5F24E97-455A-44C3-A010-A32D0F0F0BE8.png Alexander III the Great
    336-323 B.C. AE 20 (19.5 mm, 5.74 g). Uncertain mint in Western Asia Minor, ca. 323-310 B.C. Head of Alexander the Great as Hercules right, wearing the lion-skin headdress / ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ, bow in bow-case above and club, the weapons of Hercules; torch in field below
    MACEDONIAN KINGDOM. Alexander III the Great (336-323 BC). AR tetradrachm (15.98 gm). About VF, countermark, graffito. Late posthumous issue of Perga, dated CY 27 (195/4 BC). Heracles wearing lion-skin, AΛEΞANΔPOY, Zeus seated left on backless throne, right leg drawn back, feet on ground line, eagle in right hand, scepter in left; KI in left field, Seleucid anchor countermark in rectangle in outer right field. Price 2941

    E14A0496-8EC8-40CC-BC0F-5E44D5F01E46.png Gades, Spain
    AE As 100-20 BCE
    Obv. Head of Herakles-Melqartleft, wearing lion's skin.
    Rev. Two tunnies left, pellet within crescent between, puniclegend around.
    Burgos 1339.
    Brown patina

    BAKTRIA, Indo-Greek Kingdom. Circa 130-125 BC. Æ (20x20mm, 8.82 g, 12h). Indian standard. Head of Herakles right, lion’s skin tied around neck, club over shoulder / Elephant advancing right; monograms in exergue. Bopearachchi 8A; SNG ANS 1040-7. VF, dark green patina.Ex: Timeline Auction

    I would love all things, in abundance, celebrating Herakles/Hercules/Malqart etc al. Tell your favorite stories and please post all those coins!
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  3. Roman Collector

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    Fun thread, as always, @Ryro ! Here's one for starters ...

    Gordian III AD 238-244.
    Roman AR Antoninianus, 5.52 g, 23.2 mm, 2 h.
    Rome mint, 4th officina, 8th-11th emissions, AD 240-243.
    Obv: IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG, radiate and draped bust, right
    Rev: VIRTVTI AVGVSTI, Hercules standing right, right hand on hip, left holding lion's skin and resting on club set on rock
    Refs: RIC 95; Cohen 404; RCV 8670; Hunter 71.
  4. Orielensis

    Orielensis Well-Known Member

    One of my favorite figures to appear on coins!


    Makedonien – Alexander, Tetradrachme, Herakles Zeus.png
    Alexander III "the Great," Kingdom of Macedonia, Ar tetradrachm, 325–323 BC, Amphipolis mint (under Antipater). Obv: Head of Heracles right, wearing lion skin. Rev: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ, Zeus Aëtophoros seated left; in left field, rooster standing left. 26mm, 17.17g. Ref: Price 79; Troxell 1997, issue E3. Ex CNG, e-auction 376, lot 47; ex Tiberius collection; ex AMCC 1, lot 39.

    Makedonien – Alexander, Drachme.png
    Alexander the Great, Macedonia, drachm, 334–323 BC, Sardes mint. Obv: Head of Heracles right, wearing lion skin headdress. Rev: AΛEXANΔΡOY, Zeus seated left, holding eagle and sceptre, monogram left, club right. 16.5mm, 4.02g. Ref: Price 2550.


    Römische Republik – Quadrans, M ATILI, Heracles Prow .png
    Roman Republic, moneyer: M. Atilius Serranus, AE quadrans, 148 BC, Rome mint. Obv: Head of Hercules r.; behind, three pellets. Rev: Prow r., above, M . ATILI (die break); below, [ROMA]. 17mm, 4.16g. Ref: Crawford 214/5a.

    Römische Republik – Denar, Coponius:Sicinius, Apollo, Keule und Löwenfell.png
    Roman Republic, moneyer: Q. Sicinius and C. Coponius, AR denarius, 49 BC, Rome mint. Obv: Q·SICINIVS III·VIR; head of Apollo right, hair tied with band; below, star. Rev: PR·S·C C·COPONIVS: Club of Hercules upright, on which hangs lion's skin with head in profile; in fields, bow and arrow. 19mm, 3.75g. Ref: RRC 444/1a.

    Rom – Septimius Severus, denar, Hercules.png
    Septimius Severus, Roman Empire, AR denarius, 196–197 AD, Rome mint. Obv: [L SEP S]EV PERT AVG IMP VI[II]; head of Septimius Severus, laureate, r. Rev: HERCV[LI DEF]ENS; Hercules standing r., leaning on club and holding bow, draped with lion skin. 16mm, 3.10g. Ref: RIC IV Septimius Severus 79.

    Rom – Gordian III, antoninian, Herkules.png
    Gordian III, Roman Empire, AR antoninian, 241–243 AD, Rome mint. Obv: IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG; bust of Gordian III, radiate, draped, cuirassed, r. Rev: VIRTVTI AVGVSTI; Hercules, nude, standing r., r. behind back and resting l. hand on club set on rock; beside club, lion-skin. 22mm, 3.49g. Ref: RIC IV Gordian III 95.

    Rom – Postumus, Antoninian, Hercules Paciferus.png
    Postumus, Gallic-Roman Empire, AR antoninianus, 262–263 AD, Trier mint. Obv: IMP C POSTVMVS P F AVG; bust of Postumus, radiate, draped, cuirassed, r. Rev: HERC PACIFERO; Hercules, standing l., holding olive-branch, club, and lion's skin. 22mm, 2.74g. Ref: Mairat 248–250; RIC V Postumus 67.

    What I'm still actively searching for is an attractive Postumus antoninianus with a Hercules Deusoniensis reverse, showing a somewhat mysterious syncretistic Roman-Germanic deity.
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  5. PlanoSteve

    PlanoSteve Well-Known Member

    Nice statue - looks like he was going for the Tom Jones look (Oh, She's a Lady? :D).

    Funny but true story: His sister started out as a pool shark, but then "her cue lease" was up, so she had to revert to her second love - animals. And so she established "Zoo's" throughout the empire. :joyful:

    In the meantime, his complete pummeling of Chuck Norris resulted in the delicacy we now know as "ground chuck". :eek::smuggrin:

    (Apologies to the real Chuck Norris ;))
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  6. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

    I forgot this tiny lion-wrestling reverse type!

    Julia Domna, AD 193-217.
    Roman provincial Æ 16.8 mm, 4.33 g, 1 h.
    Moesia Inferior, Marcianopolis, AD 193-211.
    Obv: IOVΛIA ΔO-[MNA CEB], bare-headed and draped bust right.
    Rev: [MAPKI]ANOΠOΛITΩN, Herakles standing right, wrestling the Nemean lion.
    Refs: AMNG I 606; Varbanov 673; Moushmov 419; SNG Copenhagen --; SNG Budapest --.
  7. Brian Bucklan

    Brian Bucklan Well-Known Member

    Interesting type. Here's one I have, just not a great strike

    Postumus (259-268 AD); AR Antoninianus, Treveri Mint
    Obv: IMP C POSTVMVS P F AVG; Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
    Rev: HERC DEVSONIENSI; Hercules standing right, leaning on club, holding lion's skin and bow
    Postumus HERC DEVSONIENSI.jpg
  8. Ancient Aussie

    Ancient Aussie Supporter! Supporter

    One of the earlier interpretations of Herakles from circa 409 BC Sellinos Sicily. 44406.jpg
    Sicily, Selinos, 415-409 BC
    Sicily, Selinos, Attribution: CNS 11; HGC 2, 1238
    Date: Circa 415-409 BC
    Obverse: Head of Herakles right, in lion skin headdress
    Reverse: ΣE; Bow and Quiver
    Size: 16.35mm
    Weight: 3.62 grams
  9. Shea19

    Shea19 Supporter! Supporter

    Alexander III the Great (posthumous issue), AR Drachm (19 mm, 4.33 g) Magnesia, circa 301-299 BC., Head of Herakles to right, wearing lion skin headdress/ Rev. AΛEΞANΔPOY Zeus seated left on low throne, holding long scepter in his left hand and eagle standing right with closed wings in his right; to left; monogram of AN above E; below throne, monogram of AY. Price 1996.

    Kings of Bithynia, Prusias II Cynegos, 182-149 BC, AE Dichalkon (18 mm, 4.28 g). Head of Prusias II to right, wearing winged diadem. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ - ΠΡΟYΣΙΟΥ Herakles standing front, head to left, holding club set on ground in his right hand and lion skin in his left; to lower right, monogram.
  10. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

    Hercules on this quadrans of C. Numitorius is special for the way his face resembles the moneyer. When your face is as distinctive as this, how could you think no one would notice? ex. John Anthony auction
    I note that there have been quadrantes of this moneyer sold that have a regular Hercules face but there are also others with these sharp features. I would like to know which were made first.
  11. Ignoramus Maximus

    Ignoramus Maximus Active Member

    Some lovely coins...

    May I join the fray?

    Herakles before he started working out.
    If you look close you can see the fag-end hanging from his lips.

    Celtic Lower Danube.jpg

    Eastern Europe, Lower Danube, 1st Cent. BC.
    Tetradrachm imitating Thasos.16.25 gr. 33 mm.
    Obv: wreathed head of Dionysos.
    Rev: Herakles, club in his right hand, amphora to right.
    Blundered legend/ controlmark
  12. zumbly

    zumbly Ha'ina 'ia mai ana ka puana Supporter

    Nice new addition to the ol' shield coin collection!
    You got it, Captain...

    Snake strangling while he was a wee baby: Tarentum Diobol - Herakliskos Drakonopignon.jpg
    CALABRIA, Tarentum
    AR Diobol. 1.0g, 11.6mm. CALABRIA, Tarentum, circa 275-212 BC. Vlasto 1460-1461; HN Italy 1068. O: Head of Athena right, wearing crested helmet, decorated with Skylla. R: Herakliskos Drakonopignon: the infant demigod Herakles strangling two snakes; ΦIN monogram to left, [LE (ligate)] in exergue.
    Ex E.E. Clain-Stefanelli Collection

    All grown up and graduating to full-sized monsters:
    Geta - Hadrianopolis Hydra 1944.jpg
    AE27. 11.72g, 27.6mm. THRACE, Hadrianopolis, circa AD 209-211. Varbanov 3684. O: AVT K Π CEΠTMIOC ΓETAC, laureate, draped bust right. R: AΔPIANOΠOΛITΩN, Herakles standing left with raised club, preparing to open a can of whoopass on the Lernean Hydra.

    Wrestling the Cretan Bull (7th Labour):
    Septimius Severus - Pontos Herakleopolis 3081.jpg
    AE Tetrassarion. 10.86g, 28.3mm. PONTUS, Heracleopolis (as Sebastopolis), dated CY 208 (AD 205/6). Amandry & Remy 17b; Voegtli type 4o. O: AY KAI Λ CЄ-ΠTI [...], laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right. R: CEBACTΟΠO H[PAKΛE]-O-ΠO, The Seventh Labour of Hercules : Hercules wrestling the Cretan Bull, in field, ЄT HC (date).

    Wrestling Antaeus the Libyan Giant:
    Caracalla - Cilicia Tarsus Herakles Antaios 2380.jpg CARACALLA
    AE32. 17.91g, 32.3mm. CILICIA, Tarsus, circa AD 198-217. SNG France 1520. O: AVT KAI M AVP CЄVHPOC ANTΩNЄINOC CЄB, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right; Π – Π in fields. R: ANTΩNIANHC CЄV MHTP / TAPCOV / A M K Γ Β, Herakles left, lifting Antaios off the ground; club draped with lion skin to left.

    Wrestling Dionysos... seriously?! o_O
    Elagabalus Laodicea New.jpg
    AE19. 6.36g, 19.1mm. SYRIA, Seleucis and Pieria, Laodicea ad Mare, 218 - 222 AD. SNG Cop 372. O: IMP C M AVR ANTONINVS, Radiate bust right, slight drapery on far shoulder. R: LAVDICEON, Herakles and Dionysos wrestling; Herakles bearded on left, his club behind him; Dionysos on right, his thyrsus behind him; ΔE in ex.

    And finally, chilling out in the Garden of the Hesperides (11th Labour)... oops, and is that another dead snake? :shy::
    Gordian III - AE34 Cilicia Tarsus Apple Hesperides 2381.jpg GORDIAN III
    AE34. 20.82g, 34.3mm. CILICIA, Tarsus, circa AD 238-244. SNG France 1667 var. (rev legend). O: AVT KAI M ANTΩNIOC ΓOPΔIANOC CЄB, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right; Π – Π in exergue. R: TAPCOV MHTPOΠOΛЄΩ / A M - K Γ B, Hercules standing facing, head left, holding club and apples of the Hesperides; tree to left, from which hangs the carcass of the monstrous serpent Ladon.
  13. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

    Septimius Severus15.jpg
    AR Denarius
    OBVERSE: L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP VIIII, laureate head right
    REVERSE: HECVLI DEFENS, Hercules standing half-right, resting on club, holding bow, lion's skin over arm
    Struck at Rome, 197 AD
    3.1g, 17mm
    RIC 97, RSC 212, BMC 218
    Comment: Struck to invoke the protection of Hercules against the revolt of Clodius Albinus.
    AR Denarius
    OBVERSE: Bust of Hercules left, wearing lion's skin headdress, club over shoulder
    REVERSE: two horses left, rider on the nearer horse, dot X; TI Q and rat below, DOS.S in incuse on tablet in ex.
    Struck at Rome 112-111 BC
    3.92g, 18mm
    Cr297/1;Quinctia 6
    AR Serratus Denarius
    OBVERSE: ROMA, draped bust of Roma right, helmeted & decorated with corn ears, control mark letter above
    REVERSE: C•POBLICI•Q•F, Hercules strangling the Nemean lion, club at his feet
    Struck at Rome 80 BC
    3.88g, 16mm
    Cr380/1, Syd 768, Poblicia 9
    M. VOLTEIUS M.F 2.jpg
    AR Denarius
    OBVERSE: Head of young Hercules right, wearing lion skin
    REVERSE: Erymathian Boar right, M VOLTEI M F in ex
    Rome 78BC
    3.76g, 18mm
    Syd 775, Cr385/2, Volteia 2
    Trajan 9.jpg
    AE Quadran
    OBVERSE: IMP CAES TRAIAN AVG GERM, diademed bust of Hercules right with lion-skin on neck
    REVERSE: Boar walking right, SC in ex.
    Struck at Rome, 98-117 AD
    2g, 14mm
    RIC 702
  14. ancientone

    ancientone Well-Known Member

    Very nice facing Herakles Ryro! Here are some provincial bust types.

    byzantiumherc2.jpg IconiumHercules.jpg NicaeaGetaHerakles.JPG
  15. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    Melqart / Herakles


    Carthage-LIBYAN UPRISING - Mercenaries issue
    Mercenary War 241-238 BCE
    7.36g AR DiShekel
    Melqart / Herakles Head in Lion's Head-
    Lion walking; Punic M above; LIBYA below
    R SNG Cop 240f

    Coins were struck in the name of Libya and "M", which has been taken as either "machanat" - the Camp (of the mercenaries), or perhaps Matho, their leader

    And, as solved by @TIF, here is another coin of mine that is the understruck coin, and Melcart has a striated nose in the coin above:

    Carthage Zeugitania Libyan Revolt AR Shekel 24mm 7.34g 241-238 BCE Wreathed Tanit Horse stndg control mark and Punic M SNG Cop 236
  16. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

    My matching double sestertius has problems with flan and strike as do most of this issue.
  17. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    Herakles from Pyrrhos

    Syracuse Sicily
    Pyrrhos 278-275 BCE
    AE 24mm 9.2g
    Herakles Hd -
    Athena Promachos
    SG1213 LE584
  18. dadams

    dadams Supporter! Supporter

    Nice thread @Ryro
    Here is my half unit showing a pretty decent face:

    Macedonian Kingdom, Alexander III (the Great), 336 - 323 BC. Æ half unit.
    Uncertain mint in Western Asia Minor, Struck c. 325-310 BC.
    Obv: Macedonian shield, facing head of Herakles on boss.
    Rev: Macedonian helmet, B-A across lower fields.
    4.49g, 16mm, 7h. aXF, Pleasant desert patina.
    Cf. Price 2802; SNG Alpha Bank 849 (no corn ear).
    Ex. ROMA-Numismatics-eSale27-Lot142 (unsold); @arnoldoe

  19. SeptimusT

    SeptimusT Well-Known Member

    A couple odd ones...

    Hadrian, AE Drachm of Alexandria, 34mm, 24.27g, AD 134-5, RPC 6001
    : ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙC ΤΡAIAN ΑΔΡΙΑNOC СƐΒ, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
    Reverse: L ENNEAK • Δ , Harpocrates of Heracleopolis facing,head l., raising finger to lips and holding club; to l., altar

    Indo-Scythian Kings, Vonones and Spalagadames, 20mm, 8.28g, ~50 BC
    : CΠAΛYPIOC ΔIKAIOY AΔEΛΦOYTOY, king mounted right, within square dotted border
    Reverse: Herakles seated on rocks left, resting club on leg, monogram at left, Kharosthi legend around: spalahoraputrasa dhramiasa spalagadamasa
  20. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    Herakles - Italy

    Frentani - Larinum AE 18mm Quadrans 210-175 BCE Herakles - Centaur SNG COP 272.JPG
    Frentani - Larinum AE 18mm Quadrans 210-175 BCE Herakles - Centaur SNG COP 272

    APULIA Luceria 211-200 BCE AE Quadrunx 9.7g 24mm Hd Herakles R lion skin headdress 4 pellets behind - LOVCERI Quiver club bow SNG Cop 660
  21. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

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