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    Here is one of the primary reasons why I bid on the Heritage lot of six Lincoln tokens, the piece with the Union ironclad Monitor on the reverse.

    AL 1864-23 All.jpg

    This reverse is was also used for an 1864 George McClellan piece. McClellan was Lincoln's Democratic Party opponent in the 1864 presidential election. I have found this piece to be far more common than the Lincoln token.

    GMcC 1864-24 All.jpg

    I saw an example of the Lincoln / Monitor token in bronze at a coin show about 15 years ago. I failed to purchase it right away, and someone scooped it. After that I didn't see another one until I saw the example from above. I did miss one that was sold at auction in 2016, which I found in a search of the Heritage site.

    Here are a couple for items from my purchase.

    This piece was a "victory lap" piece for the Union which marked the surrender of General Lee's Army to General Grant.

    AL 1864-22 E All.jpg

    Finally, there are many sub varieties of the same design within the political items series. Here is an example. The designs are similar, and the message is the same. There are only minor differences in the variety. These are the reverses for AL 1864-19 and 21. I often skip this minor varieties, but I ended up with these because they were part of the auction lot.

    AL 1864-19 & 21 Rev.jpg
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    Thanks for your postings. I enjoy reading your posts as they are so very educational. Your visuals are just superb!
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    I monitor that era! :singing:;)
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