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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by JeffC, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. JeffC

    JeffC Well-Known Member

    For those following or collecting the Queen's Beasts collection, what do you think of The White Lion of Mortimer? This series started out with very stunning designs (e.g. the Lion of England, the Unicorn of Scotland, the Bull of Clarence) but I'm a bit disappointed with this latest one. It looks a bit "caricaturish" and somehow (for me), the wow factor is just not there. Lion of Mortimer.jpg
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  3. 7Jags

    7Jags Well-Known Member

    I agree, certainly not up to the level of the first Lion coin! Most of us that started the series are to some degree slaves to complete the series, so maybe they are just going to back out of it stylistically. I have stayed away from the proofs and gotten the bullion bits, except the 1/4 oz golds. You?
  4. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    It's "ok". I have the others in the series so I'm going to see it through to the end. Hopefully the designs get better.
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  5. Not a big fan of this design. I mean, it's alright, but the earlier lion design looked better. I'll probably buy this at some point because I do love the series and the idea behind it, and most of the designs are quite stunning.
  6. JeffC

    JeffC Well-Known Member

    I only have the 2 oz. coins. All 7 till now and Mortimer will make it 8. Can't believe the series will be ending next year. @7Jags, pardon my ignorance, can you let me know what "Bullion Bits" are? I don't have any of the gold ones. Can't afford them. I can't even afford the official box! LOL. Do you have a box for them? Most are in the $80 to $100 range, last time I checked.
  7. JeffC

    JeffC Well-Known Member

    Yeap, the earlier designs are more dynamic. It seems like the lion, griffin, falcon, and dragon were all "captured" in mid flight or stride. I hope the remaining two designs go back to being breathtaking.
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