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Discussion in 'Contests' started by cman, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. cman

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    While currently waiting for my ship date to join the United States Marine Corps i have been extra sensitive of the sacrifice and commitment it takes to be in the military. This is the contest to honor everyone you know that is in the Military!

    The Rules
    1) Post a pic and description of a person in the military who you would like to honor.
    2) Repeat 1 as many times as you can. Only one entry will be counted.

    My Honor Recipient
    Mom and Dad.jpg

    This is a pic of my Father and Mother on their wedding day. My father was in the Marine Corps for 22 years. He retired as an E-8 (First Sergeant) And is my inspiration for joining the Marine Corps myself.
    Lets see some Honor Recipients!!!

    EDIT: The winner will receive a roll of wheat cents. The winner will be chosen by drawing out of a hat
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  3. cman

    cman Junior Member

  4. swish513

    swish513 Penny & Cent Collector

    first, i just want to thank you for offering your service to this country.

    now... i want to honor my great-great-great-grandfather, william harrison hutchings, who served in the 30th illinois infantry, company f, during the civil war. he was a part of gen. william t. sherman's army during his "march to the sea" from atlanta to savannah in 1864, took place in the seige of savannah in dec. 1864, took part in the march through south carolina and north carolina in 1864/1865, and took part in the grand review washington, d.c., in may 1865.

    a picture of a painting of william h. hutchings
    william hutchings.jpg

    william h. hutchings grave
    william grave.JPG

    his veteran memorial
    vet memorial.JPG

    me by his grave
    me and whh.JPG
  5. cman

    cman Junior Member

    Thank You. Its one of those things i feel like i need to do. And awsome history!
  6. swish513

    swish513 Penny & Cent Collector

    the family history isn't done yet... i'm scanning pics as we speak!
  7. swish513

    swish513 Penny & Cent Collector

    the second person i would like to honor is esrom hutchings, william's father, and my 4th-great-grandfather. although i don't have a picture of esrom, he served as a private in the american army during the war of 1812.

    here is a picture of his grave, located in the same cemetery as william. esrom is on the left (in the pic), and his wife on the right.
    esrom grave.JPG

    up close of the memorial

    me and my dad by esrom's grave
    me and dad.JPG
  8. cman

    cman Junior Member

    WOW! Thats some amazing history. Im sure i have family back that far in the military. Just havent had time to research.
  9. wheatydigger

    wheatydigger Member

    There is this one famous photo of this group of Israeli troops, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Apparently, it has my great-uncle in it somewhere in the back. It is a pretty old maybe black and white photo of about 15-25 Israeli army men in it, and any help with finding it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. swish513

    swish513 Penny & Cent Collector

    and last (yes i realize 1 entry total, but if i should win, i request that the prize be given to a YN) i would like to honor my father and my hero, Major Robert E. Swisher (Ret.) USAF.

    my dad at the United States Air Force Academy, 1968

    my dad in saudi arabia, operation desert shield, november 1990
    on the back of the picture he wrote "where's the water valve? i'm thirsty!"

    and last, my dad's airplane, an RF-4C... pic taken ca. 1988 by me
  11. cman

    cman Junior Member

    Ahh the beautiful Phantom... And your request will be Honored
  12. swish513

    swish513 Penny & Cent Collector

    if i were to list everyone in my ancestry who served, it would be a few pages of my postings. i come from a very military family, from before the revolution in england's army, to operation iraqi freedom. i wish i could have served our great country, but i have a few too many medical disqualifiers (which i lied about, but they found out about anyway) that kept me out. i have nothing but the utmost respect for our military and anyone who has ever worn the uniform, no matter what century they wore it. again, thank you for your service. and thank you for this contest. again, if i should win, please give the prize to a YN.
  13. cman

    cman Junior Member

  14. jbyers23

    jbyers23 Member

    Here is a picture of my brother before one of his first deployments to the big sandbox. He has since been there four times and is getting ready for another deployment.

  15. james m. wolfe

    james m. wolfe New Member

    james jr..jpg my son,james jr. who is in the army right now smiley-with-us-flag.gif
  16. tdogchristy90

    tdogchristy90 Dieu et les Dames

    My grandpa, along with at least two of his brothers enlisted in the navy after highschool. My grandpa was a salvage diver (men of honor:)), served in Korea, and served until retirement at old age. His highest rank was mastercheif and after retirement, stayed on in some form or another, being heavily involved with the Seabees. He has a peace dollar on his dog tags (that I now own along with his uniforms,bags ect) it was that peace dollar that made me gain my fondness for the peace dollar coins.

    My dads was a captain in the army for a few years after selling his vet clinics andhis brother was a career army retired as a lt colonel as was in logistics.

    Sorry if I don't have enough detail, I'm limited in my info. Although I do love my grandpas story. I filmed him once lol.

    I'm very honored of what they do. I would like to have join but a (vp shunt) prevents me from that. So I'm a college student studying history. It's the way I can respect, honor, and give back.

    Never forget :)
  17. rodeoclown

    rodeoclown Dodging Bulls

  18. james m. wolfe

    james m. wolfe New Member

    22729-6168-SP-.jpg this is a photo me when i was in the air force usaf.gif
  19. green18

    green18 Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    Weasel pilot Swish? Those guys had it hot. Hat's off to him......:)
  20. Kasia

    Kasia Got my learning hat on

    I submit my mother, Magna, who served in the Marines in WWII. She ended up going to Camp Lejeune for her service, and from what she said, it was great. That was when women were recruited to fill shore billets so that other marines could go fight. She met other girls that she kept in touch with after the war, and she and 3 others actually crossed country in an old 1930s (If I remember correctly) Ford, from Michigan to California. She had to use her skills learned from her father, brother, and others she had met in the service to fix that car several times on the road!


    This picture is of her in her uniform with her parents. Two things are notable. It was required of all servicemen and women in WWII that anytime they were on leave and outside their homes, they had to wear their uniforms (except on a beach, where they could change to swimwear to swim). Also, it is notable in that my mother served proudly in the US forces in a war against Germany, but only 25 years before, her father (next to her) had served proudly and well, for more than 15 years, before and during WWI, in the Kaiser's navy, and had been awarded an Iron Cross, 2nd Class, for heroism. I was told that his award was because he was able to stop a ship from hitting two floating mines, or something like that. But after WWI (and maybe because of it, I don't know) he decided to leave Germany, and ended up going to Brazil to wait out the immigrant quotas in America to open up for Germans, and to have the ability to meet up with one of his brothers and nephews who had already come to America. It took him about 6 years for that to happen. In the meantime, my mother was born in Brazil.

    Since then, both my sister and I have served in the Navy, as does my son currently. My son's father and grandfather also served in the Navy, as did my first brother-in-law. My son's grandfather joined at 17 and served in Italy in the war. One of my uncle's served in the Army in WWII and fought at the Battle of the Bulge. He is still alive at 93, but he won't talk about the war. He saw too many bad things. Other members of my father's family also served in the army, one losing his life about 5 years after WWII due to injuries suffered in the war. My father lost one of his friends on Dec 7, 1941 --- the man served and went down on the Arizona. My father served in the army National Guard, and then went on to join the Air Force. Unfortunately, his AF career was only 4 days long because of an inner ear problem. So he became a civilian then. Lastly, my great grandfather served in the German Army in about 1880. I have a picture of him in his uniform, but not much is known of his service.

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  21. Kasia

    Kasia Got my learning hat on

    Swish513 - I salute you for keeping up with knowing the locations of your ancestor's graves, and helping keep the area clean and nice. This is a lost activity for most people.
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