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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by KSorbo, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. KSorbo

    KSorbo Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!

    Earlier last year, during discussions in the ever popular Toning Premium Thread, I came up with the idea for a Details Discount Thread in which we guessed the discount from retail for details graded coins. As many of you probably saw, we had a decent run, but have been struggling a bit to keep the interest level up.

    The leader of the thread, @ddddd , recently proposed declaring @Beefer518 the overall winner and starting a new thread to discuss holder premiums. We all wholeheartedly agreed and the baton was passed to me as the person who first thought up the Details thread. So, along with congratulating @Beefer518 as the Details Discount champion, I am now starting the new year with the Holder Premium Thread. The rules are as follows:

    1. Just like the Toning Premium Thread, one coin is posted at a time by the winner of the previous round.

    2. Each coin should be in an older generation, vintage or unusual holder. This includes rattlers, doilies, OGH’s, and fatties along with other TPGs like Paramount, PCI or Hallmark. Non graded holders with special significance are also welcome. For example, classic commems in original packaging. Both US and World are welcome.

    3. Include a reference value for the coin in its assigned grade. PCGS Price Guide, Greysheet, etc.

    4. If you are able, provide some background info about the holder.

    5. Consider blacking out serial numbers and/or auction lot numbers if the pricing history is easily traceable, such as for PCGS. (However, we still need to rely on the honor system, so don’t guess if you have seen the sale price...)

    6. Try to avoid posting coins that have dramatic toning patterns or are drastically over or under graded. Examples would include a monster toned Morgan (better to post on the Toning Premium Thread) or a marked up AU coin in a basement slab graded MS70. We want to focus to stay on the holder.

    7. The closest guess to the actual sales price wins. Although this is called the Holder Premium Thread, keep in mind that some holders may carry a discount.

    So without further ado, I will post the first coin which is a PCGS MS62 Liberty Nickel in an OGH. I recently sold it from my collection after purchasing it in 1996, at which time all PCGS holders were OGH’s :). I wasn’t able to edit out the slab number so please don’t peek at the auction records... PCGS Price Guide for a 62 is $105.

    F14437D1-09C7-40E2-91FC-93DF1ECEF4EF.jpeg F8E55FE9-00E6-454B-B8F8-0900670694DF.jpeg 59D8C9BE-03F7-4EB4-9CB0-29BA8F295002.jpeg

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  3. Beefer518

    Beefer518 Well-Known Member

  4. Beefer518

    Beefer518 Well-Known Member

    I'll say $140 (and no, I didn't look it up before editing) ;)
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  5. ddoomm1

    ddoomm1 keep on running

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  6. Youngcoin

    Youngcoin Everything Collector

    Great idea for a thread, I'll go $137.99 Shipped.

  7. heavycam.monstervam

    heavycam.monstervam Outlaw Trucker & Coin Hillbilly

    I think it undergraded so...
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  8. ddddd

    ddddd Member


    ...while the OGH is popular and someone might want this for an OGH type set, these holders aren't particularly rare....thus I think the premium was a small one over guide
  9. jwitten

    jwitten Well-Known Member

  10. ddddd

    ddddd Member

    Let's see some more participation!
  11. IBetASilverDollar

    IBetASilverDollar Well-Known Member

    My favorite generation holder there a few of my favorite coins live in one.

    I really like this one, normally I'm not a fan of Liberty Nickels but this one has a nice patina. Will say $155
  12. KSorbo

    KSorbo Well-Known Member

    I’ll do the reveal tomorrow morning, thanks everyone for the participation!
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  13. baseball21

    baseball21 Well-Known Member

  14. jwitten

    jwitten Well-Known Member

    So, besides toned gold, I also collect odd holdered gold. Awesome!
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  15. KSorbo

    KSorbo Well-Known Member

    @Beefer518 is the winner! I sold the coin for $140.23. You have the floor.

    Point totals:
    Beefer518 - 1 Point
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  16. Beefer518

    Beefer518 Well-Known Member

    Ok, I had to think of something to put up, and came up with this one.

    1788 Massachusetts - Period after Mass - Graded "GOOD" by none other than Walter Breen

    PCGS puts this at $210 (it's the only price guide I can find)

    What did I pay?

    1788 Massachusetts Breen (Custom).jpg IMG_7954 (Custom).JPG IMG_7957 (Custom).JPG IMG_7955 (Custom).JPG
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  17. IBetASilverDollar

    IBetASilverDollar Well-Known Member

  18. jwitten

    jwitten Well-Known Member

  19. ddoomm1

    ddoomm1 keep on running

  20. KSorbo

    KSorbo Well-Known Member

    $285. Great choice of holder!
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  21. heavycam.monstervam

    heavycam.monstervam Outlaw Trucker & Coin Hillbilly

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