The History Of Coins

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    "The study of prices, price levels, money supplies and monetary forces can certainly aid us in understanding the processes and nature of economic change; they do reflect economic changes. But are prices and monetary changes merely a veil disguising the real forces at work in the economy; are they merely a passive response to other economic changes, changes that thus induce expansions or contractions in the money supply or the velocity of circulation, changes that induce inflation or deflation? .........."

    Money & Coinage


    A Discourse of Coin and Coinage - by Rice Vaughan - 1675

    "A Discourse of Coin and Coinage: The first Invention, Use,
    Matter, Forms, Proportions and Differences, ancient & modern:
    with the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Rise and Fall
    thereof, in our own or Neighbouring Nations: and the Reasons."

    A Discourse of Coin & Coinage


    Historical Coinage "Cheatsheet"

    "This is not a scholarly work. What is is, is a guide that will hopefully help to give a rough idea of ancient coinages in Europe and the Middle East during the historical period. It is not intended to cover the field in dry scholarly depth, as it is unlikely that anyone could create an absolute value chart for the whole of history in less than a thousand pages; this, then, is a condensation, a "Cheat Sheet," if you will, for people who have an interest in the subject, but it's not enough to spend a great deal of time studying it. You may notice that some coins were left out; this is due to either my ignorance, a lack of information on the coins of a particular region, or else those coins made a miniscule impact on the monetary scene."

    Historical Coinage Cheatsheet


    History of Coins

    "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The history of coins extends from ancient times to the present. Coins are still widely used for monetary and other purposes. Any history of coins is going to be very incomplete, money being a central theme in human history since its invention. One could approach the history of minting technologies, the history shown by the images on coins, the history of economics, the history of coin collecting or collectors, or many other topics."

    History of Coins


    The Maze of Medieval Mint Metrology in Flanders, France and England: Determining the Weight of the Marc de Troyes and the Tower Pound from the Economics of Counterfeiting, 1388 - 1469

    "In 1795, the French Revolutionary government, in establishing our modern metric system, also established the metric values for the historic European mint weights of the ancien re‚gime era. If those mint-weights are undoubtedly valid for the 18th century, can we be certain that all had remained unchanged over the centuries; and in particular that these metric values, and thus the mathematical relationships between the various mint weights, are valid for the later Middle Ages? ........"

    The Maze .....


    Money, Wages, and Real Incomes in the Age of Erasmus: The Purchasing Power of Coins and of Building Craftsmen’s Wages in England and the Low Countries, 1500 - 1540

    "This comparative study of money, coinages, prices, and wages in southern England and the southern Low Countries had its origins in a series of appendices and footnotes for the first twelve volumes of the Correspondence of Erasmus (1484-1527), part of the Collected Works of Erasmus, which the University of Toronto Press has been publishing since 1974. ........."

    Money, Wages & Real Incomes ......

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