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    The Great Khan. Genghis Khan. Silver dirham. In the name of Genghis Khan himself. 1206 - 1227 AD. Ghazna mint. Dark toned. Ex Jim Farr collection.


    After years of finding a choice well struck specimen. Most specimens have notorious off struck inscriptions.

    Genghis Khan requires little need for introduction as the great Khan who united the Mongols and set the foundation as one of history's greatest conquerors for his descendants to come. This is one of the few rare specimens of coinage that bears his name in full as opposed to just his title as the Khan. Others include gold dinars and a very rare bronze coin. It was believed to be Minted by his travelling mint of his horde while chasing after the fallen Khwarezm ruler upon his conquest of the Khwarezm Empire.

    This silver dirham has the following inscriptions ( Special thanks to my friend for his kind inscription for Arabic readers):
    Obverse (Left)
    Al-Adil - The Just
    Al-Azam - The Great
    Jankeez Khan - Genghis Khan

    Reverse: (Name of the Abbasid Ruler)
    Li Deen il-llah
    Amir Al-Mumineen


    Apart from the historical significance, this coin also bears a special memento as it belonged to my late friend Jim Farr, a well respected numismatist, member of the Oriental Numismatic Society and overall great man.
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  3. SeptimusT

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    Wow, pretty cool! And here I didn't even realize there were coins minted in his name.
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  4. Loong Siew

    Loong Siew Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Coins minted in his name are rare. To date only 3 types were known namely this, some good diners and a newly identified AE dirham. All were tied to the Khwarezm onslaught.
  5. Loong Siew

    Loong Siew Well-Known Member

    More common ones include those under his title as Khan or attributed to him by association or chronology.
  6. Mkman123

    Mkman123 Well-Known Member

    Are there any with his portrait on it?
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  7. Loong Siew

    Loong Siew Well-Known Member

    No..portraits were a Western concept. Even a Chinese one attributed to him bears only the empire name.
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  10. Alegandron

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    Fantastic Khan coin, @Loong Siew !

    I only have one from the Great Khan:
    Great Mongols, Genghis (Chingiz) Khan,
    AH 603-624/ AD 1206-1227,
    AE Jital (4.12gm, 2h),
    Ghazna type, undated, citing Genghis as Khaqan and
    citing on the reverse, the 'Abbasid caliph al-Nasir. O: 'adl / khaqan / al-a'zam("the Just and Supreme Khaqan" or "Just [coin] of the Supreme Khaqan"). R: al-Nasir / li-Din Allah / amir al-mu- / -minin ("al-Nasir li-Din Allah, commander of the faithful").
    SICA-9, 1008; Tye 329; Album 1969
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  11. Loong Siew

    Loong Siew Well-Known Member

    Thanks @Alegandron .. Yours is a choice specimen as well... The legends are pretty much fully there which is scarce to find given many are notoriously off flan as well
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