The First Coin In Your Collection

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by CoinOKC, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. CoinOKC

    CoinOKC Don't Drink The Kool-Aid

    OK, this may be a toughie for a lot of people, but do you remember the first coin (or set of coins, e.g. Proof Set) that started your collection?

    My first coin was an 1847 Cent that belonged to my grandfather. My mother gave it to me when I was about 8 years old and it still resides in my collection.
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  3. knowtracks

    knowtracks Senior Member

    You Bet I remember just like it was yesterday. The coin my father gave me was a 1926 Buffalo Nickel in MS & I still have it also.
    Thanks for reminding me !
  4. palindrome

    palindrome New Member

    my dad gave me 2 whitman folders 1 complete lincon cents and one complete franklin has since escalted into a mess of tubes rolls and 2x2s.
  5. Spider

    Spider ~

    mine was a bicentenial quarter
  6. mrsushi66

    mrsushi66 New Member

    roll of silver eagles and if I stick to my plan (focused collecting) it will be the last coin in my collection.

  7. busco69

    busco69 Member

    My first was a 1872 2 cent piece found in the bottom of an old safe 65,000 ever minted.
  8. WaA140

    WaA140 New Member

    Try as I might, I cannot recall what the first coin in my collection was. Not only that, I can't even recall how I became interested in collecting coins. I didn't inherit any coins. I do remember that I was keenly interested as a boy scout and did all the work to earn the Coin Collecting merit badge but never did go pass the requirements off with a MB counselor but my interest predates even that. Hmmm.... I truly cannot recall how I became interested in collecting coins as a youth.
  9. lawdogct

    lawdogct Coin Collector

    hmmm....gonna have to think a bit on this one. Dunno my first coin as all change was treasure to me as a child (and remarkably I still have my mini-hoard of 193 pennies) but the coin that brought me back as an adult was getting a 200x dime in change one day. One link lead to another and another and.....until I landed here :D
  10. Steve E

    Steve E New Member

    Great topic! We happened to be at the mall one weekend and it just so happened there was a collectibles show going on. As everyone does, we walked the halls looking over all the antiques, crafts, baseball cards, diecast, etc. Absolutely no intentions of buying ANYTHING. That was until I walked up to my first ever coin dealer. We looked over all the nice bright shiny silver and gold layed out in front of us, and I thought "what a neat thing to collect". That was all it took, the seed was planted and the fever began to intensify! Not knowing anything about coins by 1st purchase was made entirely on eye appeal and what caught my eye was that nice AU 1921 Morgan Dollar. I was so proud. I thought I had just bought one of the rarest of coins, it was old and better yet it was a Morgan!!!! Could never figure out why it was so cheap, man, I sure got a bargain!

    Now when I look back at it I must admit that it is one of the nicest "Cleaned" F/VF examples I own! :eek:
  11. WingNut

    WingNut New Member


    Well,,this 1945 penny was the first coin i collected.I found it in some change back in highschool(all tooooo many years ago),,,it has a #34 stamped into the reverse side and ridges on the front,prolly where it was held during the stamping,,whats fun is to figure out why,,34th coin done?,34th coin a business or person made?34th infantry?someones 34th bday?will prolly never know,,but it got me to notice it and others since,,sorry the pics arnt better,still learning with the digi cam......

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  12. Spider

    Spider ~

    lol u shortened digital to digi, basically u took off tal, sry i just find that a little funny
  13. WingNut

    WingNut New Member


    with these old hands,i try the find the easy way,,,lol
  14. jimbo

    jimbo New Member

    Wheat Cent ??????????????????

    I'm not really sure what my first coin was, although I believe it was a Lincoln wheat. In fact I'm not really sure how I got started. I collected wheat cents as a kid along with nickels and dimes. As a teenager I cashed in most of my collection to buy my girlfriend purfume for Xmas (DUMB!!). :(

    Last year I was going through some old boxes and found my old Lincoln wheat cents. I hadn't cashed them in when I was younger.

    That started me all over in coin-collecting. I am now HOOKED !!!!! :D

    I have completed several sets of BU/Proof coins, attend coin shows, subscribe to coin publications, joined ANA and WINS, and spend hours on line.
  15. gwinco

    gwinco Member

    I was given a whitman penny folder and a jefferson nickel folder when in grade school. I have completed the nickels to the current buffalo nicks. Then my grandfather gave me ( and my sister both ) 5 morgans and 5 peace silver dollars a couple years after I was married. (1978) I have tried to arm wrestle sis for her dollars but she won't go for it!
  16. Notoco

    Notoco Member

    1 grosz from 1932 (It's a Polish coin). I gave it away though, and regretted that immediately :(
  17. Ciscokid

    Ciscokid New Member

    To answer post: I do not know, what ever it was, I don't have it now :( . I was facinated with coins all my life. Took a big interest in my late teens stationed in Germany while in the US Army. Gold was my ticket, priced out a $20 BU Saint Gaudens at a German bank while converting Greenbacks into DM they had a gold coin on display, but back then even $320.00 (1,280 DM) on a SP4 pay was alot to let go in Europe, especially with all the great food, fine beer & wine, and all the pretty fraulines running around, so I passed-- :( -- THEN---many many many years later, I jumped in head, feet and turso first into collecting, in a major and serious way I bought a proof set collection from 1958 thru 2001 I believe it was. Then I bought and started collecting gold 4-peice proof sets, then jumped into $20 Saints in a major way--So yea, maybe I started late, but boy do I have an interesting assembly so far--- :eek: AND it continues to grow, my problem is selling some of this stuff I currently have to buy other stuff I want and love.. :confused: Problem is I don't wanna sell what I have, but there is lots I wanna buy :D
  18. KLJ

    KLJ Really Smart Guy

    I remember it as if it were yesterday, although it was during the first term of the Harry Hughes administration (governor of Maryland - look it up :rolleyes: ). A friend and I were at the arcade (and it still had pinball machines). He wanted to play a game, but I had the quarters. So he gave me the one quarter he had that the game wouldn't take (a 1935) and a Mercury dime. The dime has long since been traded away, but I still have the quarter.
  19. Steve E

    Steve E New Member

    Back when I was a youngster (before dirt) my aunt gave me a 18-- something Morgan and being the smart investor, I immediately traded for $1 worth of candy at the local grocery. Probably the reason I work in a cemetery and not on wall street!!
  20. coinokie

    coinokie New Member

    Well its?????

    To manny years and to manny beers.Eh
  21. afvetroman61

    afvetroman61 New Member

    My first coin was an 1886 Morgan Dollar that I got when I was about 9. I remember showing it to a coin dealer down the block and he told me it was made of lead! Well....dummy me.....I took it home, put it in a pot and melted it!!! :eek: That really smelled up the house too! :)
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