The Elusive 1985 "Pointed 5" Canadian Small Cent

Discussion in 'Trades' started by TheCitrusGuy, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. TheCitrusGuy

    TheCitrusGuy Member

    I am down to finding the very LAST small cent Canadian Penny, the elusive 1985 Pointed "5"
    This is what it looks like if you are not familiar with it:

    Please, if you have it, look through my swap list and see if anything there interests you.
    My swaplist can be found HERE:

    IF THAT doesn't work, and you are SURE you have it and are willing to part with it, touch base with me, I have a few "special" items that are not in my swap list that I use for occasions such as this.
    I PROMISE you, I can make you a deal that you really can't refuse! LOL

    The ONLY stipulation I have is, please send me a picture of it, I have been burned a few times by people who truly thought they had what I was looking for, not intentionally, but it wasn't the article I sought.

    Thanks for looking!

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