The deeper meaning of coin collecting

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by mrbrklyn, Jul 3, 2012.

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    (Are you asking me?) What about it?
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  3. mrbrklyn

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    asking anyone. it was a group utilatarian object of great artistic value.
  4. oval_man

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    Absolutely. Utilitarian objects can have great artistic value, such as the Greek amphorae that areich posted an example of.

    Often, though, we superimpose value from our own culture onto objects from other cultures (and eras) that weren't necessarily to have that value. But that's another topic!
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  6. oval_man

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    Love it.
  7. ErolGarip

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    Revisiting old thread.

    Why not...

    I see, everybody started collecting coins when they were 5-10 years old kids. And, then, they didn't know the hobby, the art, the history, the nostalgy, the investment, etc etc which are the things people say these are their reasons for collecting coins.
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  8. ErolGarip

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    On a mistakenly revisited old thread "why are you collecting coins?" in another forum (US coins forum), this is the post by "BooksB4Coins" under that thread there. I take it here to Chat forum as it fits here better.

    A 5-10 year old child has such capabilities in such things? No. They do only and only for one reason and it is that reason which is their real reason of people's collecting coins that they forgot.
  9. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    Who cares what forum this is in? It doesn't change anything, so what did you hope to accomplish by moving this to another necro-thread, and without giving the reader any sort of context with which to understand the discussion? Senseless, senseless, senseless...

    I'm sorry, but the mere assertion is rank stupidity. Yes, such a child is capable of appreciating art, enjoying a hobby, or of having an interest in history. Perhaps not to the level of an adult, but to them this is of no consequence. Have you no experience with children, sir?
  10. ErolGarip

    ErolGarip Active Member

    A child is capable of appreciating the art, the hobby, the history, etc., but, not to the level of an adult? You mean there is "continuity" in human life? Even a baby is capable of appreciating the art, etc, but, not to the level of a child? Your theory, like other such theories, are based on an assumption of "continuity" in human life. Maybe, there is continuity in human life, but, not in such things. There is "before" and there is "after" in learning. (When did you learn to say "stupid"?)

    Ps: As I said, this forum "CoinChat" is a better proper place than "US coins forum" where I mistakenly revisited that old "why are you collecting coins?" thread. This thread "deeper meaning of coin collecting" and "why are you collecting coins" are closely related to each others anyway.
  11. baseball21

    baseball21 Well-Known Member

    Kids have hobbies at all ages. There is no debating that. Adults may think they're dumb or wish they'd stop getting so dirty but kids absolutely have hobbies. Kids without their filter are actually the easiest to figure out what they like and don't.
  12. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    Is part of your MO to be "this way", or is it just an act?

    This has nothing to do with "continuity", but individual appreciation in its most basic form. There can be as many reasons for collecting as there are collectors, and is as simple as that.
  13. ErolGarip

    ErolGarip Active Member

    Of course, kids too have hobbies at all ages. But, they have "after" they have... Not "before" they have... Similarly, an adult who started collecting coins "after" 40 years old does not have that hobby "before" he has that hobby before that age. When such an adult is asked why he is collecting coins he usually answers/tells his reasons for collecting by telling that he started to collect when he was a little child.

    When such words are said, yes, it is about the "continuity", in another words, "determinism", more specifically, "casual determinism" in which causes are searched in the past. (there is also another, untold or rarely told, kind of determinism in which causes are searched in the future. but, anyway, it is another story.) This is why people mention childhood and also why I brought this topic back here.

    What you are saying is that capability of apreciation art, having a hobby, etc is "built-in" things in human life, already existed in born. I don't agree in that. Children, and also adults, learn. And, their main motivation in learning is the only one thing, Curiosity... This is also their only reason of people for collecting coins. It is as simple as that.

    Before a kid didn't see/meet coins it is nonsense to talk about a coin hobby. And, if we do a statistical survey/analysis about the collectors here and there, we can see that most of collectors started to collect coins in their childhood, but, they stopped collecting for years/decades and then, they re-started collecting coins. I guess majority of "old" collectors have followed this path. Why? Because the coin was "new" curiously thing to them when they were children, and, after some life experiences, they are attracted back to the coin again like it is a "new" thing, an undiscovered-yet-thing.
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    Best thing for this thread...

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    Quite agree Allan.........:)
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  16. baseball21

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    Poor puppy
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  17. SilverWilliesCoinsdotcom

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    When I was five I liked fishing, music and shiny things.
    I'm 62 now. I still like fishing, music and shiny things.
    Also old things, worn and dirty sometimes. Like me.
    Coins, too.
    What's all this deep meaning stuff I hear you people talking about?
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    I hope the puppy is ok.
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    DISCLAIMER: No dogs were harmed in the discussion in this thread.
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    Yes, the puppy merely served as a convenient visual metaphor for the thread. I thought he fulfilled his duty admirably. I'm sure he's basking in the sun somewhere now, proud of his metaphorical good deeds.

    Can someone throw him a treat?
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