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    No, Sorry (mostly to everyone else), but I needed all of this! ...In other words, Seth77, there was the same kind of dialectic (a little like a three-dimensional chess game) between (...dang; English, with all its pretensions, is a primitive language) 'ethnic' (subsuming something like, 'preexisting cultural') and, Sorry, (subsequent) 'cultural' influences, as has been happening from the beginning of anything that either anticipates, or otherwise resembles history.
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    Hi all, and sorry to be late for talking about that coinage (Divus Constantinus):(

    @Valentinian : indeed, finding nice coins for the Lyons' Aeterna type is not common

    Here is one pretty good for example https://www.colleconline.com/fr/items/54664/monnaie-antique-romaine-ric-bastien-9
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    Exact ref. is RIC. 32 - Ferrando II (= Ferrando 2010) 543

    However, for me, "desert patina" on Constantine consecration coins minted in Arelate makes them doubtful (my opinion)
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    @Al.cofribas, Yeah, Minor Detail, There. Wish I could remember who, in which thread, talked about how prevalent fake 'desert patina' was. Sounds like somebody got a little too happy at the dealership....
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    @+VGO.DVCKS May be Victor on his LRBC forum http://www.lateromanbronzecoinforum.com/index.php/topic,1221.msg3491.html#msg3491
    ...and curiously the same dealer

    here again http://www.lateromanbronzecoinforum.com/index.php/topic,1106.msg3389.html#msg3389
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