The Coins and the Events of the Year 1796

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    I thought it would be interesting to re-post this thread which I originally posted 10 years ago in the forum.

    With many new members (so many no longer here, as well....) some of you may have an interest in U.S coinage coinage of the 18th century.

    It is an era which fascinates me, and collecting U.S coinage of that time period is a way to ''connect" and to better understand the history of the early years of the United States. Without their historical context, coins are to me merely inanimate, lifeless objects.

    Anyhow, without further pre-amble, here is the original post.

    "In the year 1796:

    - August 1796: Philadelphia became the first city in America to install gas lighting. Also, the first medical textbook on pediatrics was published in Philadelphia in that year.

    - December 18th 1796: the first Sunday newspaper - The Monitor - was published in Baltimore

    - October 29th 1796: the first ship to set sail to california from an Atlantic port arrived in Monterey.

    - March 9th 1796: Napoleon Buonaparte married his sweetheart Josephine de Beauharnais.

    - March 10th 1796: Napoleon defeated the Austrians at Lodi, and effectively took control of a major part of northern Italy.

    - September 9th 1796: The Philadelphia paper 'The American Daily Advertiser' published Washington's farewell address to the nation.

    - June 1st 1796: Tennesee was admitted to the Union as the 16th state.

    - December 1796: the first canal in the United States commenced operations at South Hadley, Massachusetts, and the first Public health Hospital was founded, also in Massachusetts.

    - December 1796: the first tramway in the United States built by Boston Brick Works was in operation.

    - 1796: in this year, Nicolas Carnot who discovered and laid the foundation for the first and second law of thermodynamics, was born in France.

    - July 11th 1796: The british withdrew from Fort Detroit. Captain Moses Porter took possession of the fort in the name of the United States.

    - 1796: In that year, in the Northwest Territory, General Moses Cleaveland founded the city that bears his name. His men mispelled his name as 'Cleveland', Ohio.

    - November 1796: Andrew jackson was elected to be Tennessee's first delegate to the House of Representatives.

    - September 17th. 1796: Washington delivered his Farewell Address to the nation, not as a speech, but as a written statement.

    Please feel free to add any coins of this era you may want to post, or any comments. It would be great to see them.

    In the year 1796, these coins were minted at the recent established U.S mint at Philadelphia to serve in the channels of commerce of the young nation.

    Draped Bust Dollar
    1796 Draped Bust Dollar B-5 OBV1 n - 1.jpg 1796 Draped Bust Dollar B-5 REV1 n - 1.jpg

    Draped Bust Dime
    1796 Dime Jr-2 OBV3 n - 1.jpg 1796 Dime Jr-2 REV2 n - 1.jpg

    Liberty Cap cent
    1796 cent S-82 OBV1 n smaller better - 1.jpg
    1796 cent S-82 REV1 n smaller better - 1.jpg

    Draped Bust Cent
    1796 draped bust cent S-105 Obv - 1.jpg 1796 draped bust cent S-105 Rev - 1.jpg
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    Thanks for posting this again. Unfortunately at present I have nothing dated 1796. I think i have almost every year from 93 on but this one
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    501796P1o.JPG 501796P1r.JPG

    2517961o.jpg 2517961r.jpg

    Half Dime
    0517963o.JPG 0517963r.JPG
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  6. ldhair

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    This is all I have.
    Image_0660.jpg Image_0663.jpg
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    I show it off occasionally. I have never had it compared to 13 nickel before. A little more available than one of those.
  10. But a 1796 half is quite a bit more legitimate than a 1913 nickel.
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  11. Conder101

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    Another numismatic tidbit, 1796 was the first year that all of the coins authorized by the mint act of 1793 were produced. It was also the last time for quite a few years.
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    You couldn't pick 1964?
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    Thanks for sharing these colonial coins. I've been trying (heavy emphasis on "trying") to collect pre-Lincoln one cent coins, from the 1793 Flowing Hair (both chained and wreaths) to the immediate predecessor, the Indian Head cent - one of each design. Some prices approach the cost of a home so I might have to settle for replicas. The Draped Bust cent, among others, is one that I'm looking for. Yours is extremely beautiful.
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