the cheap slab store

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by ikes4ever, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. ikes4ever

    ikes4ever Senior Member

    anyone have any opinions on the cheap slab store???
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  3. codydude815

    codydude815 Wannabe coin dealer

    Do you have a URL?
  4. LSM

    LSM Collector

  5. CappedBustDimes

    CappedBustDimes Senior Member

    i have cherried a few tough bust varieties in some off the wall holders. all were smooth transactions. what you see is what you get, low quality coins at low low prices. i wouldn't purchase anything from them in hopes of turning a profit ie their investment/dealer lots but; if you know what to look for, [or need to fill a hole] you can get some hard to find/unattributed varieties at low type prices.

    edit to add; with some patience one could find a few keys that would definitely cross over to better holders.
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  6. Phoenix21

    Phoenix21 *The King Of Jokes*

    Here's the URL. Seems like a decent place, except I don't like the real blurry pics. Just me. Never done business with them however.

    Phoenix :cool:
  7. Ardatirion

    Ardatirion Où est mon poisson

    Their ancients are actually somewhat realistically priced. (usually the silly slabbed pieces go for way too much!)

    EDIT: Nobody cares, I know. lol ;)
  8. Cloudsweeper99

    Cloudsweeper99 Treasure Hunter

    I've done business with them several times with no problems and excellent service. They deliver exactly what they promise and what is pictured. As said above, if you know exactly what you are looking for and aren't expecting premium quality coins, it's a good place to shop with very competitive prices. They don't pretend to be anything other than a "cheap slab" store, and they are very good at it.
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  9. clembo

    clembo A closed mind is no mind

    Those that understand ancients care. Course I'm not one of them but your input is very valid.

    I've known about the site for years yet never bought from them.

    I DO know these guys buy in bulk big time and know what they are looking for to turn a profit. I was in my local dealer's store one day when one of their buyers showed up. Guy bought a ton of raw Morgans and Peace dollars.

    I'm thinking they have a pretty good eye to get this many coins slabbed by "legitimate" TPGs but as was mentioned earlier I wouldn't order a ton to make a profit.

    Cherry picking or long term more feasible.
  10. Ardatirion

    Ardatirion Où est mon poisson

    I'm just afraid about turning every topic I touch into one on ancients. I recall certain members used to do that. (I think you know who I mean!)
  11. bzcollektor

    bzcollektor SSDC Life Member

    Has some connection to what used to be Chattanooga Coins. Has some connection to one of the older lesser slab companies......

    Some stuff is a good deal, but they sell lesser quality of some better TPG`s....... Uglier, perhaps scuffy looking Morgans come to mind.....
  12. bzcollektor

    bzcollektor SSDC Life Member

    They original guy used to be a partner of Robert Chambers back in the day of "Shop at Home" Lewis.......
  13. BuffaloHunter

    BuffaloHunter Short of a full herd Supporter

    I concur.
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  14. CappedBustDimes

    CappedBustDimes Senior Member

    thanks for renewing my interest in the cheap slab store...just picked me this beauty for a song.



    CHAMELEON Toned Coin Enthusiast

    Cheap Slab Store

    Looks Like Decent Stuff, But I Didn't See Anything Of Exceptional Value.
  16. Arizona Jack

    Arizona Jack The Lincoln-ator

    I just spent $11 on 5 raw Lincolns for my BU 40-58 set to replace and upgrade some spottys, specified no spots please. Time will tell.
  17. gopher29

    gopher29 Coin Hoarder

    For a online coin dealer their prices don't seem too bad. But I have no experience ordering from them.
  18. torontokuba

    torontokuba Thread Crapper & Hijacker, TP please.

    I used to hunt for my slab bargains on ebay, scored several nice pieces over the years. Since the USPS severely increased their prices to Canada, I decided to check this store out. I've known about The Cheap Slab Store for a couple of years now. I approached them recently and was pleasantly surprised at the willingness to ship north of the border, the shipping price is more than fair and there are some nice affordable gems to be found among the weaker, less attractive grades. Since the beginning of the month I've placed a couple of orders and all is perfect, so far. Very pleased.

    Recent arrivals... ;)


  19. John Anthony

    John Anthony Ultracrepidarian Supporter

    They don't even care. Here's an excerpt from their blurb on a Gordian III DD...

    Just buy it. It's got something on the reverse. Whatever.

  20. kaosleeroy108

    kaosleeroy108 The Mahayana Tea Shop & hobby center

    ive always gotten good stuff from them
  21. mark_h

    mark_h Somewhere over the rainbow

    You do realize it was about 6 years ago that Ardi posted that comment? The thread was resurrected yesterday. :)
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