The ANACS Grade the Graders Ike 1973 P MS Dollars (20/20)

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by cplradar, Aug 14, 2021.


What grade would you give this coin - Anacs grade will be revealed. Grading the graders

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  1. MS61

  2. MS62

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  3. MS63

  4. MS64

  5. MS65

  6. MS66

  7. MS67

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  8. MS68

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  1. Mike Thornton

    Mike Thornton Learning something new everyday.

    I agree! Same Standard.
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  3. chascat

    chascat Well-Known Member

    The "mark" is common among mint state Ikes and doesn't effect value, only appeal. I believe the stripes are planchet flaws which were normally tossed out on the proof and most silver strikes...any comment here from Ike collectors?
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  4. capthank

    capthank Well-Known Member

    I have 20 uncirculated 1973 Ike's with no marks.
  5. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

    I sugges t you get them graded then because they can be marketed for suprising values.
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  6. capthank

    capthank Well-Known Member

    Should I get all the 1973 D business strike, 1973 P business strike and 1973 S proof graded?
  7. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

    No on the proof issue.
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  8. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

    I am excited to see your results with the business strikes. the proofs are mundane.
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  9. capthank

    capthank Well-Known Member

    The reverse on the Brown Ike's don't have the three islands but I'll pick the better business strikes and see what I get. I'll have a LCD help me select which ones to send in. Thanks
  10. Ike Skywalker

    Ike Skywalker Well-Known Member

    The 1973-D in my registry set is the closest I’ve seen in hand to a proof-like. What is truly remarkable about it is how clean the bust is. It is virtually mark free. The entire surface of the coin has a glossy, mirror-like finish.


    My 1973 Philly is probably one of the finest “65” specimens in existence. Lots of luster present with virtually no marks as well- a truly unusual characteristic for this issue.

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  11. chascat

    chascat Well-Known Member

    Those are truly gem quality Ikes...a very rare find!
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  12. baseball21

    baseball21 Well-Known Member

    Check the sales prices and see what grade you would need to make it worth it. The 73-P youd need a 65, I think the 73-D you need a 66.
  13. Ike Skywalker

    Ike Skywalker Well-Known Member

    I agree.
  14. chascat

    chascat Well-Known Member

    I think the both could make an easy 66 today.
  15. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

    That is fairly common (although against the fact that there are millions of them) in terms of the surface, and more than a couple of the ikes I put up are similar is the surface. It is just not obvious because of the size and detail of the images. Howevere, I would not call it booming luster. I'll get back to this a little later, and maybe post a small video of the coin(s) in question. Definetely more proof like. clad steel is an alloy that resists flow.
  16. capthank

    capthank Well-Known Member

    Auction Ikes 2.jpg I will have my LCD advise me as what might grade well enough to be worthwhile. My latest auction purchase is disappointing because of the Auction House carelessness with shipping me the coins. View attachment 1351643 View attachment 1351643
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  17. capthank

    capthank Well-Known Member

  18. baseball21

    baseball21 Well-Known Member

    Just as a heads up, most LCS cant grade moderns nor do they care about them
  19. capthank

    capthank Well-Known Member

    He is in our coin club and is very helpful. He sent in two of my Chinese 1 oz Gold Pandas and they received higher grades than he expected. Of course I will have one or two club members help also. Thanks.
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