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    Good morning!

    I have two rather bulky lots I'd like to offer here. I've currently got them as an auction in my eBay store, but if I get them sold I'll just end the auctions (assuming I can still do that and they haven't changed the rules on me.)

    *60 pounds of mixed Wheat Cents SOLD THANK YOU

    I'll be honest here - I haven't looked through these. Bought them before I left for my summer job, they've been sitting here the whole time doing nothing, got back and just don't care about looking through them. Should be about $92.20 Face if my calculations are correct, asking $400 shipped (that's just a hair over 4x face plus Priority Mail Flat Rate Large Box shipping.) Canvas bag is included.

    Wheat Cents Bag 1.jpg
    Wheat Cents Bag 2.jpg
    IMG_0581.jpg IMG_0582.jpg

    *21 pounds, 12.3 oz mixed World Coins SOLD THANK YOU

    This lot is basically three purchases mixed into one - I have a HUGE pile of older Great Britain pennies (from about 1902-1948 with some UNC 1960's, lots of early dates) and half pennies, a bag of modern Mexican bimetallic coins, and a bag of British clad shillings/florins/half crowns/crowns and other random mixed foreign. Should be a good lot for someone who likes early 1900's GB stuff. Asking $185 shipped (that's $8/lb for the coins plus another $10 for shipping, which will cost me more than $10.) Will also include a generic (unmarked) canvas bag.

    Mixed World Coins.jpg
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