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    I'm looking for a place I can look up state laws about taxing coins and bullion in the United States.

    I would also be interested in learning about taxing coins and bullion in Canada.

    Anyone know of a good online resource for such information?

    Seems in the forums I read a lot of different post were some report they pay tax and some don't depending on of coarse the state, but it also seems to sometimes depend on if they pay cash or use a card to pay for them.

    In South Dakota I have never been charged tax in a coin shop on cash and carry sales.

    When traveling to other states I would like to know exactly what the law says about taxing coins and bullion so I know if a dealer is just following the law or what.

    So how do I find out what the current law says about taxing coins and bullion for each state and Canada.
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    I don't know about Canadian laws, but the only thing I can suggest regarding state laws is to check each state individually. I'm not aware of any one site that provides the tax requirements for all of the states. I would sure like to know if there is such a site.

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