Suspiciously clean Silver coin

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Coinzluke98, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Coinzluke98

    Coinzluke98 New Member

    I received this silver coin with no information at all. It looks like an Indian coin, but I have no idea when its from, and it looks suspiciously clean to my eye... might it be fake? not old at all? Just in good condition? Any help is appreciated!

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  3. NOS

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    I've no reason to doubt its authenticity based on the photos alone. Being so clean is nothing to worry about, either. Hooking the coin up to electrolysis (for example) after it was dug up likely would have stripped any dirt, patina or oxidation away leaving only bare metal such as what you see. I have lower-grade plated late Roman denari that look just like the metal of your coin.
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  4. THCoins

    THCoins Well-Known Member

    Your photos do not show sufficient detail for a confident attribution, but this looks like a Delhi Sultanate coin. If so, these usually are billon, with a very low percentage silver. However, some Indian sellers make it a habit to resilver their coins to make them nice and shiny again. I suspect this is the case here.
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    KIWITI Well-Known Member

    That´s exactly the case here. I have a few "unsilvered" and "silvered". It seems to be a common practice (sadly).
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