Super bowl rings and coins thefts

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by calcol, Feb 18, 2021.

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    Thefts occurred over 10 years ago, but legal wrangling over sentencing of thieves may still be going on. Superbowl rings awaiting distribution, gold bars, jewels, and coins were stolen from a jewelry manufacturer. Coins were a collection of the owners. Same thieves then hit a Brinks warehouse and made off with “8,000 pounds of gold- and silver-colored $1 and 50-cent coins”. There was even more value in cash in the vault, but the thieves accidentally torched it.

    Most of the loot was recovered and the bad guys arrested shortly after the heists. Believe it or not, the ringleader was able to file motions on his own to delay state sentencing for 11 years. At least, he had to stay in jail while the interminable motions were processed. Why can’t judges see when they’re being conned? Not sure about federal sentence.

    See the links.

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    Love that artist Ryan Inzana. The artwork is way cool! Thanks for the links. Will read the whole thing a little later on tonight! :-D
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    I read the espn article right before the Super Bowl. Another New England Patriot is linked to coin theft, Rob Gronkowski. His home was burglarized and some high grade Morgan silver dollars were stolen.
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