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    Hello all,

    I will be listing 6 coins tonight, a majority of them are current error coins. These will go live starting at 6:30PM PST and will be up for auction for 7 days. I’ll add pictures and my store store link. Please let me know
    If you have any questions.

    best regards,

    -Lincoln penny struck off center, no date or MM.
    -Struck off center Jefferson nickel 1983 p.
    -Struck off center Washington Quarter 1983 p.
    -Roosevelt Dime struck thru capped die error.
    -1894 O Barber 50C higher grade.
    -1855 S seated liberty Quarter.

    1C62B741-5833-46AA-B526-974C39D5E2DE.jpeg E0053586-9DCD-4E1B-B3DF-3A5D5EF4E9E1.jpeg A4141E30-1AEB-446E-8A5E-B3451D8EEFEB.jpeg 50EFEBDB-2FDB-46CF-985A-F31931B0C5BE.jpeg 7436CEBE-C24F-476F-A99E-086A123B365F.jpeg 13FCC58A-9199-49E2-AD93-D76ED636AEBD.jpeg 0ADB193E-3890-4EC7-A720-37D1B898B1BD.jpeg CDEABA43-32B7-49BB-8030-B6945E45B373.jpeg F9C0429B-D5BD-4DD7-B34C-66A645E451A4.jpeg 61184585-5020-4BD5-B558-448CB4E50615.jpeg
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