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    Hey all,

    I hope everyone a had great weekend, I have a few listings that will go live starting at 6:30PM PST going to about 7:05PM PST. I can only add 10 pictures and can’t leave comments so if it’s just the obverse the reverse is usually identical or close. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message!

    Best regards,

    -1989 Washington Quarter Struck Off Center 60%+.
    -1897 IHC beautiful reflective fields.
    -1857 flying eagle cent higher grade.
    -1843 seated liberty half Dime AU/Uncirculated details.
    -1854 seated liberty half dollar higher grade.
    -1803 draped bust large cent small date and fraction.
    -1819/8 large cent.
    -1796 liberty cap large cent.

    50FC126E-1790-4669-BE05-ADB59C22A64F.jpeg BD49E1B5-92E0-4D34-A09A-597EB77936F3.jpeg 8E782F18-6E98-4AEA-80DD-C8BDF7718008.jpeg 033A62CD-F2E6-40AC-AED3-59B309CD036A.jpeg 1D40E0E9-71F8-4615-A043-74BF24641671.jpeg A239B1C5-F0CE-4C00-9BE7-043867D2F62B.jpeg B682E337-815B-4147-8986-FEBA8255CAE4.jpeg 96E2313D-6C8A-4974-9BB1-BA0A49130C50.jpeg B7E444DE-ED21-424A-8447-191464EBFD80.jpeg DA505D84-0DB6-4136-99DA-F9209A44A7F5.jpeg
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