Sunday and Monday’s eBay listings on my store!

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    Hey all,

    just wanted to make a post for a few coins I posted yesterday evening and this evening. All items are set for a 7 day auction with no reserve price. I will list pictures as well as a link to my store. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message. There’s more pictures on the listings themselves. The 1877 has 4 more pictures I added after it was bid on so they are added after the final picture with the store name.

    best regards,

    -1907 IHC uncirculated.
    -1900-O Barber quarter, nice grade but has damage on obverse.
    -1862 IHC BU uncirculated.
    -1863 IHC higher grade.
    -1877 IHC.

    9AB5B592-CB38-4A5C-BB7E-CB5B0B3094B0.jpeg 8B89CEAD-2C65-4CAE-8F11-993FDE8F204E.jpeg 66422860-0445-44CD-A244-1C05F2915AA2.jpeg B9A32CD8-487F-4AFA-823E-67EA3EB0F4C8.jpeg 451078EC-0AFA-4720-AC5B-E57A9E9BC551.jpeg C81F7CD0-0755-43E9-83FF-4B94AF0BAE98.jpeg 031A4BC9-F728-4E21-AD15-4B9C4F33BB68.jpeg E90E2065-3AD2-4287-8A4C-BD44B194282F.jpeg 3EEAB316-3BDE-4945-AA47-A2918CEB049A.jpeg 4126F9C8-C60D-4A40-8FB3-E7A3614DAA2C.jpeg

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