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    Lots end Sunday, 8/16, starting around 10:00 PM EST (with apologies to any European bidders!)

    Huge variety of odds and ends; something for every budget level (Seriously - many of these will sell for less than $5!)

    (Sorry for the lack of pictures, limited to only 10 per thread - click through to see images!)

    Constantius II "Fallen Horseman" Majoriana, current price $1!

    Flavius Delmatius, one of the scarcer members of Constantine's dynasty, as he was murdered by Constantine's sons to prevent him from taking too much power - Current price $1.25!

    Delmatius' brother, Hanniballianus, who was entrusted to rule as the king of the Pontus as a buffer against the Persians - An order of magnitude more rare than Delmatius, and a ruler that few ever own in their collections - Currently only $31!

    A beautiful and tiny AE Quadrans of Hadrian, currently only $6

    A provincial of Marcus Aurelius as a teenaged Caesar, provincial mint in Cilicia, currently only $2.25

    A stunning anonymous follis issued by Constantine the Great, celebrating the foundation myth of Rome - Currently $12.50

    An AE As of Titus, restoring an issue of Tiberius, minted 79-81 AD - Currently $14.50

    The rarest member of Suetonius' famous Twelve Caesars - Otho, who ruled just four months from January to April 69 AD, ultimately opting to end his own life to spare Rome from civil war. Otho issued no imperial copper coins, so these and a couple other provincials are the only bronze available to collectors who do not want do drop several hundred dollars on a silver Otho denarius. Currently $41
    (I am aware that there is no obverse legend, but the coin is attributable based on the portrait itself, see:
    https://www.cngcoins.com/Coin.aspx?CoinID=270363 )

    A small AE of Gaius Caesar, the biological grandson of Augustus by Julia the Elder and Marcus Agrippa, who was raised to inherit Augustus' empire, but died tragically at the age of 23, forcing Augustus to nominate Tiberius instead. He is relatively common in absolute terms, but coins that are issued in his likeness and with his name (especially those without his brother, Lucius) are rare. Currently only $2!

    A beautiful AE Antoninianus of Florian, an ephemeral emperor who only ruled for 88 days in AD 276 - Currently only $6.50

    A tiny, captivating, and rare silver obol of Nagidos in Cilicia, circa 350 BC, featuring Dionysos and Aprhodite - Currently $20.50

    A billon antoninianus of Gallienus with an incredibly lifelike bust

    Also from Gallienus - One of the last antoninianii minted with enough silver in the alloy that they actually look silver

    A large, heavy, and high relief silver tetradrachm of Philip III, the simpleton half brother of Alexander the Great (I was told that this may in fact be an imitative issue by the Danbue Celts - Jury's still out) - Currently $67

    The big Alexander the Great himself, a heavily used silver tetradrachm, likely an issue during his own lifetime, with Zeus' legs uncrossed - Currently only $55

    A beautiful and rare "demotion follis" of Maximinus II when he and Constantine were demoted from their claims of Emperorship to the status of "Filus Augustorum" - Son of the Emperors. beautiful glossy black patina, light corrosion but XF, and only $2.25!

    The last-ever bronze Sestertius issued to circulation in Rome - part of emperor Aurelian's noble but failed attempt to dial back the runaway inflation that was gripping Rome in the mid 270s

    Several beautiful tiny silver coins from classical or early medieval Soghd on the silk road - an intriguing and under-studied series featuring a schematized bearded bust and an archer in native dress


    A beautiful late archaic silver diobol of Lampsakos featuring Athena and a two-headed goddess, circa 500-480 BC! Currently $21

    Several Alexandrian tetradrachms of Aurelian with the Palmyrene king Vaballathus, a six year old boy who was pushed by his mother Zenobia to ultimately rebel against Aurelian in a fateful campaign that saw both royals captured and their kingdom dissolved and re-integrated with Rome. This one is from Year 5, the same year that he rebelled, and is only $3 currently!

    A beautiful Cilician obol featuring a bearded Persian king- most likely the sitting Achaemenid emperor Artaxerxes III

    A captivating archaic drachm of Parion, featuring an early rendition of the Gorgon Medusa, well before she began to be portrayed as a dangerously beautiful woman. About 480 BC and only $20

    Also up for auction are 26 ancient terracotta tokens or seals, said by some to be admissions tickets to theater events.

    Lion ($1)

    Bust of Mars ($1)

    Herakles battling a snake ($1)

    Youth riding a gryphon ($10)

    Elephant ($1.25)

    Cupid/Eros playing a lyre ($30)

    Head of a youthful male with curly hair ($25)

    Head of Zeus ($25)

    My personal favorite - a mournful facing bust, unknown subject ($50)

    And many more - so be sure to check through all the listings!

    Thanks for looking and happy bidding!

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