Sturgeon hunting in Pantikapaion

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Lane Walker, Jan 15, 2020.

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    Pantikapaion / AE, 20mm, 7.6gm / 310-303 BC
    Obv: Bearded head of Pan/Satyr facing right with ass's ear
    Rev: Π-A-N, forepart of griffin crouching left, right front paw raised, sturgeon swimming left below.
    Ref: SNG BM Black Sea 869-871

    Would love to know anything about Pantikapaion or the region. Also I have heard that there are various versions of the sturgeon depicting on this type. Does anyone know enough about the variations to help me identify the one on this coin?
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    I personally love these coins, owning half a dozen nice examples. I have never heard or noticed different species of sturgeon though. I would love to hear more if anyone knows more about this.

    The Black Sea was once famous for both sturgeon and tuna populations.
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    I caught a sturgeon in the St. Croix river many, many years ago. Just about took the rod out of my hands. Probably 30" or so. Looked right out of Jurassic Park. We had just been out carping with anise laced dough bait.
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    Pantikapaion is currently the modern city of Kertch in the Ukraine. The OP coin is likely to be listed under SNG Munich 19. You can find it on Wildwinds as well.
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