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Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by AustinJecha, Feb 16, 2020.

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    My wife works at a gas station and finds coins all the time. She brought me this 2014 shield penny but on both sides you can barely see the impressions. And if you stand it on its side the rim is much wider/thicker than normal. The coin is also a bit smaller with a big lip. I uploaded pictures. Maybe it’s just that someone did this with something at home or maybe it is a mint error. Thoughts? A82692D3-BCF9-4FD1-B9B2-C340936CF1F6.jpeg AB0FF29B-C736-4DB9-AADA-D1CBA6A7FC67.jpeg 61E5E2F9-9D8F-494C-B96C-3C4EA533EAC2.jpeg 6D3EB30A-8554-4E00-B93F-F7560CAE3CD6.jpeg 270CA26E-44DC-40F3-A0B8-F83D21EE1DA0.jpeg F914EBA1-1D21-4C97-9E3B-17AB2693D42E.jpeg C4758D4F-CDCE-4311-AF39-40C8F2D7D088.jpeg 91A29EBB-9CD0-48F3-B527-58EFD651E942.jpeg
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    Yes to Dryer Coin.. Damaged

    Here are examples
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    Thank you for feed back. I’m glad I asked
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