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    ***STOLEN COINS***

    These coins are reported stolen, delivered in Scottsdale, AZ 85255. Please be on the look out if you are offered these coins:

    1820 10C Capped Bust PCGS F15 GW-115 Counterstamp (c.1840s) 37228591

    (1935) 5C NGC MS61 Mint Error: Struck 20% Off Center 1648796-009

    1861 TY2 $2.50 NGC MS61 4699429-005

    1843-O Small Letters $5 NGC VF25 3020956-006

    1879-S $5 NGC AU58STAR 3192632-001

    1843-O Large Date $2.50 NGC AU53 6348027-005

    Please contact Paul Blaise Marino, 917-817-1875 with any information
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