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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by kidromeo, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. kidromeo

    kidromeo I M LEGEND

    Howdy Guys.
    I need help with state quarter values from the 2010 Red book. My 2007 edition shows $0.35 for AU-50. Any change in 2010 edition?

    Also do anyone know what is the permissible limit of coins that can be taken out from US? I mean what quantity for different denominations.

    Thanks :)
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  3. Cringely

    Cringely Active Member

    What state?
    1999 quarters are 50¢ in AU
    Most 2000-2005's are 35¢,
    2005 on are 30¢

    The Treasury regs are $10,000 and above is reportable. No breakdown as to denominations.
    However, if you take out $10,000 in cents, that is one heavy suitcase.
  4. NotSure

    NotSure I'm sure I'm NotSure

    Sounds like someone has some buyers for U.S. coins out of the country! Good luck (though I can't help with the quantity question).

    As far as statehood quarters values in AU??? Though the 2010 Redbook DOES show values ranging from $0.30 (for most of them) to $0.75 (for Tennessee...both P&D), even UNC clad statehood quarters are worth one quarter, unless they're in a slab (with the exception of varieties). Statehood quarters in AU, well, I think it's a waste of space and ink to list prices for AU statehood quarters (unless, of course, it's a variety carrying a huge premium, like high/low leaves). Remember, you can't use Redbook prices as a selling point (unless you are selling coins on TV for QVC or HSN) in that regard, a $0.30 AU Ohio P SHQ listed in the Redbook 'ain't no 30 cent coin''s always worth a quarter, no more, no less.

    I see so many statehood quarters in change, as does everyone....but whats funny is, alot of these are earlier years, and they look like they were just struck.. My guess is there are those that became roll-collecters, and what with the economy, they are dumping them back into the system. It's that, OR people realize that due to quantities struck, unless you have an MS69, they'll always be worth face value. I'm NOT saying they don't make a good looking album (after all, if you have a set of just P&D mint SHQ's, you'll always have $50 in cash).
  5. bhp3rd

    bhp3rd Die varieties, Gems

    They are not worth but quarter, they will always be here

    They are not worth but 1 quarter, they will always be here, everyone has them, in fact I would guess that 200 years from now there will still be hoards of state quarters - they are not even worth $10 a roll if taken from circulation unless you yourself takes them to the bank - dealers in my area will not even pay that much for original bank wrapped rolls except for 3 issues. They will pay $9.50 a roll for mint state ones just to haul them to the bank.
  6. malak1

    malak1 Junior Member

    Take those state quarter values with a grain of salt. With the BILLIONS an BILLIONS made, they are probably not going to be worth much. Just a few months ago at my coin club there were unc rolls going for face value. Don't be swept up in the book value concept.
  7. Luis

    Luis Senior Member

    I think you guys are forgetting that the billions of quarters you're talking about are here, not in India. If you're in India or Europe and you happen to want to collect state quarters, good luck finding them for 25 cents each :)
  8. statequarterguy

    statequarterguy Love Pucks

    Aside from the total mintage numbers for business strike state quarters, the next most important number for BU and above is the number of quarters put away in uncirculated condition and it appears a lot were put away. Time will tell how many of those were "shaken loose", due to the bad economy or speculator/collector disenchantment, but there will probably be an ample supply to meet collector demand far into the future. As for grade rarity for those saved and demand for higher grades, that’s to be determined.

    On the other hand, the satin finish version of these quarters, which are recognized as a unique variety, have extremely low mintages for a circulation series mint product. These satin finish quarters can be had in today’s market for not much more than the circulation business strikes - a value in my book.
  9. I think the silver proof state quarters look the best and likely have the most potential to increase in value (especially if silver spot increases over $20/ounce). The 1999s and 2001s have already increased quite a bit and are even starting to pull back but look out for the 2002s. TC
  10. kidromeo

    kidromeo I M LEGEND

    Oh pardon me...I forgot to mention 2005 and latter category

  11. kidromeo

    kidromeo I M LEGEND

    You got the point Luis.....:thumb:
  12. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    Correct except for the cents and five cent pieces. Because of the anti-melting provisions passed for those two denominations limits were placed on the amounts that can be taken out of the country. I don't remember the restriction for the five cent pieces but the cents are limited to $5 face value. OK checked the limit on five cent pieces is also $5. You can ship up to $100 face value of each out of the country IF it is for “for legitimate coinage and numismatic purposes.”
  13. kidromeo

    kidromeo I M LEGEND

    Ha Ha...actually my cousin is coming to India...that's why I got this idea of doing roll hunting or find something interesting from his change, provided he is allowed to bring lots of coins.

    Have the prices dropped??
    Tennessee is $1(P) and $0.80(D) in my 2007 edition and no quarter is listed at $0.30
  14. kidromeo

    kidromeo I M LEGEND

    Thanks for the info Conder.
  15. Just Carl

    Just Carl Numismatist

    Sort of says it all.
    Noticed your from India. As to a limit on coins taken out of the country. You didn't say lawfully or not. Why you could take millions out as long as you don't tell anyone. If we paid for all the items from India in our stores with those quarters, there would be a flood of them over there.
    Since all our HP and Microsoft internet HELP desks are in India, you could just tell our government they all want to be paid in our State Quarters. :goofer:
    I'm not sure but from the people I know from India they have no problem taking or sending anything to India.
    Maybe if you send enough of them there, the prices would go up a little for us.
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