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Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Benjamin H Gill, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Benjamin H Gill

    Benjamin H Gill New Member

    I have over 300 dollars in star notes. Ones fives tens and twentys. How do I sell then?
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  3. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Innocent bystander

    Welcome to Coin Talk @Benjamin H Gill

    If you want to sell them here, then read;

    B – Coin Talk wishes to provide a way for our members to be able to buy, sell & trade with each other. For this reason Coin Talk provides the Advertising section for our members. Each Coin Talk member, once he or she has accumulated 10 posts or more in the various forum sections, is permitted to make 1 post every 7 days in each of the individual parts of the Advertising section. ( In other words, if you make a post in the Auction Forum on Tuesday, you may not make another post in the Auction Forum until the following Tuesday. The same goes for - For Sale, Want Lists, Trades, Auction Listings, and Open.)

    If you are asking about an alternative venue, then maybe eBay or your local coin shop.
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