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Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Johnny Nashville, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. Johnny Nashville

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    So, Serial Number Lookup only goes back to 1981... Anything previous isn't available... Is there another Website to which I may find the value of such a Date of a Star Note!?!?

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  3. SteveInTampa

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    Series 1974 St.Louis replacement note. A total of 2.88M printed in July 1976. The OP’s looks like it might be CU or AU. Estimated value, $2 - $5 to the right buyer. The Minneapolis replacement note (I*) was the key star for the series.

    Full size images for those that don’t like clicking on thumbnails.

    7041A071-28E4-4244-AD65-72BB854DE2CD.jpeg 4CA9E456-6CA7-4EDD-B3F4-1892150C9B70.jpeg
  4. Jersey magic man

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    There were two runs for this district. H00160001 through H02560000 (2,400,000), and H02560001 through H03840000 (480,000) Nov. 1976.
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  6. Mountain Man

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    Thanks for the enlargement @SteveInTampa. I hate having to spend time enlarging thumbnails.
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  8. Jersey magic man

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    Got my info out of Modern Federal Reserve Notes Series 1963-2009, by Robert Azpiazu (an Official Whitman Guidebook). I don’t know why they differ.
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