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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by robp, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. robp

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    I've got a coin ticket which indicates the coin was ex-Stack's in 1969. I need the info for when it was sold, or if a spare catalogue of the sale is available I would be interested in acquiring it.

    The coin in question is a William II type 5 penny of Romney, the reverse legend reading GOLD ON RIIMNE. There was only one known in 1969, so any reference will be this coin.

    Pictures attached as the coin is likely to have been illustrated.

    It appears the coin spent most of the past 50+ years in north America, so if anyone else follows these things and can expand on where it has been, it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    c2197-William II type 5 Romney.jpg Linzalone.jpg
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  3. stairstars

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  4. robp

    robp Active Member

    Thanks. That narrows it down to either May 16th (Illinois) or Sept. 19th (Emmons), but unfortunately no contents details are listed.
  5. stairstars

    stairstars Active Member

    Yes, they seem to be offline. I emailed them last night when I noticed. Some entries have a 'view' button below the description that takes you to where they are held, but the STACKS catalogs do not. Will see what they respond. Once you find out what catalog you need, if any, you can get an original from Bryce Brown.

    Bryce Brown.JPG
  6. robp

    robp Active Member

    Thanks. I sent him an email an hour ago, but it's a bit early to expect a reply.
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