St. Crispin's Day

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    Crispin and Crispinian were Christian brothers martyred in the era of Diocletian. They were later sainted by the Catholic Church and October 25 is the feast day of St. Crispin in both Catholic and Anglican rites.

    The feast day coincided with the Battle of Agincourt, and makes a key part of Henry V's speech to his troops on the morning of the battle as written by William Shakespeare.

    Henry V, silver groat 26mm 3.6 grams, mint of Calais (coin in a museum)


    And the famed speech:

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    Henry V (1413 - 1422 A.D.)
    AR Groat
    Class C, type 2
    ҺЄnRIC’ · DI’ · GRΛ’ · RЄX · ΛnGLIЄ · Z · FRΛnC (saltire and double saltire stops throughout; Z retrograde), crowned facing bust; mullet on left breast.
    R: POSVI : | DЄVm : Λ|DIVTOR|Є’ · mЄVm/CIVI|TΛS : | LOn|DOn :, long cross pattée, with trefoil in each angle.
    London mint
    North 1387; SCBC 1765

    Ex Spink London Sale 19025; lot 1630
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    France, Anglo-Gallic. Henry IV-VI, AD 1399-1461. AR d’argent (19mm, 0.93g, 11h). Obv: Crowned half-length facing bust, holding scepter and pointing to it; all within arched circle. Rev: Long cross pattée; leopards in first and fourth quarters; in second and third, lis with annulet base. Ref: AGC 281B; SCBC 8147. Ex CNG.

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    That's "crispy" more ways than one...:D...nice catch! :happy:;):singing:
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    There's a young Christian Bale in that scene.
  7. ancient coin hunter

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    Yeah, I noticed that. Looks a bit different then he did as the fund manager in The Big Short.
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    Can't find the .jpgs of my one penny of Henry V. Typical day in this neighborhood.
    Meanwhile, thank you, @ancient coin hunter, for the thread, and for reminding me of how great that movie version is. The soundtrack was brilliant. Just, Wasn't it? And, especially for the time (used to have it on VHS), the battle scenes are remarkable for their verisimilitude, however relatively so for the medium ...or, 'be it e'er so cinematic.'
    ...Granted --Please, don't throw anything too ripe-- I'm just as glad that eventually, the good guys won.
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