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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Ladies First, Apr 2, 2020.

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    Hi Guys-

    Haven't been here for awhile but the times have brought me back. With the closing of the dealers in NYC, I've been selling Graded First Spouse Gold on feeBay and the fee part of the Bay made has me need to post here. (See the last paragraph for references.)

    Here's the idea. PM me for contact information and which spouses are still available--I have slabbed, "high" mintage 70's, some 69's, and a few raw. Then you can use PayPal to lock in the spot price at the time you buy, plus PayPal purchases give you buyer protection. (S&H will be $25 per ounce, as it will be fully insured, signature required)

    For reference, you can look at my Profile Page to see how happy my Cointalk Buyers have been. You can also check out my eBay account (ladiesfirstcoin), where every Thursday I still plan on posting a few "better" slabbed Spouse coins that might get a little premium over spot. (My 99 cent opening bid/no reserve auctions lure in the watchers!) Here's the link:


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