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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by byrd740, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. byrd740

    byrd740 Numismatist

    This has been bugging me for a while now. I bought two Sporrong & Co medals about three months ago and one of the medals I can not find anything about it. The second one, I found it at the ANS database. http://numismatics.org/collection/2000.1.132. The first one is dated 1925 and is a medal of Frithiof Lennmalm. The medal's sculpter was Gösta Carell. The reverse is in (I guess) latin.I was just wondering if anyone has seen this medal before. Here are the pictures of the medals. Sorry for the obverses they are at a high relief and I am using a scanner because my camera is out of commision.

    *Also the weight of the Lennmalm medal is about 95 grams and is about 55mm. These are not exacts just guesses, seeing that I left all my equipment at my shop.

    Here is the Frithiof Lennmalm

    This is the Josef Sachs
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  3. byrd740

    byrd740 Numismatist

    Another thing I thought was interesting on the Lennmalm medal, although may not be important, is that the edge stamp was double stamped.

  4. De Orc

    De Orc Well-Known Member

    Not so keen on the 1st but I do like the second one a lot, sorry I cant help with any info though :goofer:
  5. byrd740

    byrd740 Numismatist

    The second one is a nice one but I know at least a little about it from the ANS database and wikipedia. The first one on Frithiof Lennmalm is a toughie finding out about. I found a few websites talking about him, but they are all in swedish and it doesn't translate very good. The only thing I could make out was that he was some type of doctor or professor of medicine in the late 19th early 20th centuries.
  6. Drusus

    Drusus Pecunia non olet

    In general I like the medals Sporrong & Co produced, I have seen several but not not these two, so I cannot be of help, nice looking peices though.
  7. byrd740

    byrd740 Numismatist

    I appreciate you looking at the medals. I think that is what is so interesting about them, is that nobody has seen them before (well except for the Sachs medal being in the ANS database). Maybe I will find something one day about the medals.

    BTW is Sporrong & Co. still in business?
  8. davidh

    davidh soloist gnomic

    The name Frithiof Lennmalm might possibly be Frithiof Lenn Malm.

    Malm is a not uncommon surname in Sweden.
  9. byrd740

    byrd740 Numismatist

    His full name is Carl Gustaf Frithiof Lennmalm. So it is Lennmalm.
    Here is where my infor came from http://tinyurl.com/cvlow2
  10. byrd740

    byrd740 Numismatist

    I got a little help from a twitter friend, @ikris72. She pointed out to me, which I can't believe I missed BTW, that at the bottom of the page at http://is.gd/ojdE it says that a medal was made a year after Lennmalm's death in 1924, as in the medal I own is dated 1925. See the similarities? It was made for the people, that I assume, contributed to the Frithiof Lennmalm Research Fund that was founded in 1918. The medal had a likeness of Lennmalm on it. See more similarities?

    A few minutes ago I sent an email out to the Karolinska Institutet, hoping to find any more info on the medals given out in 1925. If I find anything out I will post here.
  11. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    Well, I can help you with a translation of #2, if it is any help:

    Nordiska Kompaniet (Northern Company) Inc.
    "To its strong leader and founder"

    Nordiska Kompaniet was a Swedish warehouse, doing import and export business. It was founded by Sachs in 1902, and he functioned as CEO until 1937. The medal is probably a gift from the company, which seems to have had some significance in Swedish finance.

    Sachs was born in 1872, and died in 1949.
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