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    Thanks for giving the thread a bump, James. I have very little Northern BNC material, but I'll keep you in mind. If you have any more background on the company, I encourage you to post it here.

    I picked up representative specimens from a couple more obscure companies recently:

    Quayle & Son - Oliver Quayle started this small engraving firm, probably in the late 1920s. They moved from Albany to New York City in 1934. Quayle printed some stock certificates and depression scrip, as well as engraved tickets for the 1932 and 1936 Democratic National Convention. By 1945, Northern Bank Note Co. had apparently obtained its printing plates.

    Chicago Rock Island Pacific cu.jpg

    Chicago Rock Island Pacific RR.jpg

    Quayle imprint.jpg

    New York Bank Note Co.
    - Formerly Kendall Bank Note Co., the company changed its name to NYBNC in 1888. Owner George Kendall was a small but irascible competitor against American Bank Note. When ABNC was unable to purchase NYBNC they did all they could to force it out of business. By the 1920s NYBNC was reduced to printing stocks and bonds for minor companies. By WWII the company had ceased operations.

    Conley & McTague cow.jpg
    Conley & McTague specimen.jpg
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  3. gsalexan

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    I acquired some new specimens over that last year and a half!

    Schenley Distillers Corp Common specimen.jpg Schenley Distillers Corp cu.jpg Great Northern Rwy. Equip. Trust specimen bond.jpg Great Northern Rwy. Equip. Trust specimen cu.jpg Standard Creameries cu.jpg Standard Creameries specimen.jpg McGraw Electric cu.jpg McGraw Electric specimen stock.jpg Central Illinois Light Co cu.jpg Central Illinois Light Co specimen stock.jpg
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  4. gsalexan

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    These last two were printed by a company that was unknown to me -- Schwabacher-Frey Co. of San Francisco. The frames on these are definitely engraved, but the central vignettes are lithographed. It's possible the company sub-contracted the engraved work to Hamilton Bank Note or one of the smaller security engraving firms, then did the rest of the work in-house. What became of this company is a mystery, but it appears they were most active in the 1940s.

    First Nat Corp of Portland specimen stock.jpg First Nat Corp of Portland cu.jpg First Nat Corp of Portland imprint.jpg Pacific Coast Agg cu.jpg Pacific Coast Agg specimen.jpg
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    Those colors are amazing :)
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